Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Review

You can create a seven- to eight-paragraph introduction to place you, the reader, in the world Xenoblade, and took the opportunity to report on my long association with the franchise. Tell them the Nintendo owner encouraged the purchase The Xenoblade Chronicles Three times, for example, or that Xenoblade Chronicles X There was a reason I invested in the Wii U in 2015.

Instead of creating the usual suspension of the start of the discussion, I want to start with this Xenoblade Chronicles 3 It’s one of the best and most ambitious JRPGs I’ve been able to enjoy since I started appreciating the genre – and I’m sure you’ll agree once you’ve played it.

Created by the talented studio Monolith Soft, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 It has everything you’d expect from a Japanese RPG: an engaging narrative full of twists and turns, well-developed characters, great villains, an epic soundtrack, a battle system that favors the grind, and a vast and unpredictable world. Do I need more?
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I support the philosophy that there is no such thing as a perfect game, but Chronicles 3 is one of the few who come close to this label for me. It’s one of those special games where the first few minutes already translate to how fabulous the journey will be, a feeling that can only be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Life can provide. Now that I’ve piqued your curiosity, let’s get down to business:

A coming of age tale

First of all, it is worth explaining to those who are coming now that it is not necessary to dare the adventures of Shulk, the hero of the first. Chronicles, nor the hero of the second title, Rex, to be able to enjoy the third episode. Without the baggage of the series, you’ll likely miss a few cues, but nothing that detracts from the experience to the point of leaving you “floating.”

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In Aionios, the world in which the adventures take place, we follow the never-ending conflict between two technologically advanced nations, Kevs and Agnus. The hero of the day is Noah, an experienced Kevesi soldier whose duty it is to perform special ceremonies for the fallen fighters on the battlefield.

Fate forces Noah, along with Eun and Lanz, to join a group from the rival nation of Agnus, led by the friendly character Mio and her two companions, Sena and Taon. Therefore, the sextet, believed to be a group of deserters, are eventually pursued by the consuls and troops of both sides.

The story revolves around the soldiers of Keves and Agnus, who can only live for 10 years without being able to age, which brings up important themes in a more philosophical approach. From this premise, the team of heroes decides to free the people of Aionios from their nations. After all, why are you fighting each other? This is a big question.

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I won’t go into details to save those who will be playing, but what I can say is that there are a lot of twists and turns along the way as a fan Xenoblade he likes. I love how the story unfolds, even though the most important events are revealed in bits and pieces to increase our time on the hour record.

as Xenoblade Chronicles 3 It has a decidedly higher production value than its predecessors, beautiful cutscenes with an emphasis on a more modern and futuristic aesthetic, pacing the battles and helping to build believable characters. The story, apart from being great, becomes even more epic when well animated and scripted.

Normal combat with some improvements

Some say that the fight The Xenoblade Chronicles It’s a bit confusing. And I can understand the complaint because the systems weren’t explained very well in the first two games. At first glance, the fact that basic attacks are automatic makes everything easier, but behind the art are complex mechanics, character class abilities.

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In Chronicles 3, the tutorials are competent and show detailed explanations of the actions, including how to connect them together. So much so that the first eight, nine hours of gameplay are essentially dedicated to introducing the details of combat, from basic attacks to buff and debuff tactics.

The trick to the ingenious combat system is knowing the right moment to press buttons and position the six playable heroes, as there are skills that require you to be at a specific angle in relation to the enemy. You can, for example, gain attack speed if you can perform a special attack with an auto-charge. Almost everything is a matter of timing and being in the right place.

The fights are always intense and fun, but the coolest part is being able to combine characters in the party to temporarily take on the forms of Ouroboros, which both nations of Aionios see as a threat to humanity. With the stylish look of Neon Genesis Evangelion’s EVA-01, Ouroboros have unique skill trees and enhanced damage output, making them very useful in key story confrontations.

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Variety of classes and repetition on the “automatic machine”

Because it’s a JRPG, Chronicles 3 Requires “grinding”, i.e. repeatedly killing monsters to level up, even on normal difficulty. However, when you get bored, simply switch to auto mode, in which characters act on their own, managing basic attacks and arts without player intervention.

Although it cannot be used in battles against bosses and special monsters, the auto-battle is an interesting feature for those who do not intend to delve into more complex mechanics and just want to enjoy the narrative and incredible scenario that the title offers. It is an honest option and it can work well in certain parts, especially when the player is lazy after a tiring day of work or study.

Another important point is that thanks to the classes, the characters have their own characteristics, which adds variety to the gameplay. As in previous games, you can change your hero – and your class! – One button unavailable. Tired of controlling Noah’s sword? Just switch to Cena’s giant hammer and you’re good to go. The higher the doll’s class level, the greater the range of arts and talents.

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While combat works admirably, here’s a quick caveat: the battle mode interface is cluttered and full of large icons, which ends up getting in the way and causing discomfort in more strategic and longer battles. Having at least one option for the player to configure the size and number of items on the screen would already help.

The technical leap we’ve been waiting for

There is no denying that the franchise Xenoblade Ever since the days of the Wii, Monolith Soft has always stood out for its impeccable work in environment design. From the vast green plains of Aetia to the rocky mountain waterfalls of Pentelas, it is impossible not to be amazed by the rich biodiversity of Ionios.

It might even be a positive that the game doesn’t have a photo mode, because I’d spend half my time taking in the natural beauty of the locations instead of progressing through the main quest. We had evolution Chronicles 2 and Chronicles: The Definitive Edition Here it is clear, with an even tighter and more detailed script.

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In terms of performance, there are reasons to celebrate: in portable mode, the third chapter of the saga works satisfactorily, except that it has abandoned pixelated and low-resolution visuals for good. Chronicles 2. I didn’t think it would surprise me with the technical aspects, but I can say that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 He’s cute in his own way.

bulk content

In my opinion, the big appeal of the franchise created by Tetsuya Takahashi has always been the sense of scale that the games convey. freedom that Chronicles 3 Post-game rewards are something that few titles can provide. And exploring is only good when you’re busy and the map space is well used, right?

The world of Aionios is divided into giant areas and hosts activities, which is not much news for those who have already put hundreds of hours into other works in the series, including the standalone DLC. Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – Land of Gold.

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Once the colony is liberated, its members begin offering Noah’s group a variety of side missions, from rescuing soldiers to collecting items in very specific parts of the regions. As you help communities, your affinity level with them increases, leading to better prices at local merchants and new accessories available.

In addition to the dozens of objectives for each colony, there are occasional “dropped” country containers on the map, guaranteeing rare items for those willing to collect them. Speaking of rarity, as usual, item levels are indicated by color: white (common), yellow (rare), and purple (legendary), a trend familiar in current RPGs. It is important to know this differentiation when searching for bases and caves.

However, my favorite activities are “Soldier Huskies”, in which Noah and Mio perform a ritual of sorts to send the bodies of fallen soldiers to where they belong. I confess that I never get tired of watching animations in which the characters play melancholy songs on wind instruments as a way of “cleansing” their fallen partners.

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I also found myself repeating battles against so-called unique monsters, whose dynamics are similar to the raids we know, because they guarantee valuable items and additional experience points. Even these more powerful versions of the creatures are real farm opportunities, even if they don’t appear as often.

Improved Navigation System and Rest Areas: Great additions

in the form of camps Thorna – the land of goldOne of the news Chronicles 3 There are places to rest. “Rest Stops,” in addition to unlocking fast travel points, serve to level up, save progress, craft items, cook meals, and even discuss strategies for ongoing missions.

At first you may feel that the camps do not make a significant difference to the progression, but you soon realize that their bonuses make a difference, especially after level 30, when the experience bar takes longer. — and “grinding” becomes necessary.

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Finally, the navigation system, my main caveat Chronicles Original and inside Xenoblade Chronicles 2, has been completely rebuilt to make life easier for those unfamiliar with JRPGs. Now, the object route is mapped to the ground line, whether it is primary or secondary. Trust me: you’ll never feel lost on the map again.

THE final edition from Chronicles The original had already developed the direction of the quests, the paths to be taken, but Chronicles 3 was able to improve and make the system even more intuitive. At the end of the day, I feel like all the improvements made to the new game were planned by the developer to meet one requirement: how to bring the franchise to a player who doesn’t like or have the patience for it. JRPG? You did it, Monolith Soft!

the verdict

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 There is a colossus of Japanese RPGs, I would say the biggest and most accessible of all the options available today. Considering the genre it belongs to, you won’t find this game on the heaviest platforms of the current generation, which once again proves the inexhaustible potential of Nintendo’s hybrid console.

With Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Nintendo delivers the most ambitious and accessible JRPG yet

You may not have noticed, but in the third paragraph of the text, I gave the verdict of the analysis on a plate. With complex characters and a vast and intimidating world, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Finds the perfect balance between story, combat and exploration and positions itself as the most daring Nintendo title to come out since. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 was provided by Nintendo for this review.

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