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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Image: Handout / Nintendo)

With each new encounter, battle, or turn, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 I was surprised by how well it used JRPG stereotypes and still presented everything organically. The most curious thing is that I haven’t made the game a priority this year because the lag won’t stop. However, after investing quite a few hours into the journey of Noah and his dubious friends, I realized it was exactly what I needed in 2022.

Hello darkness, my old friend

Without too much in the way of narrative, as its slow start doesn’t match the crazy events that take place during the campaign, the game developed by Monolith Soft sets the group of heroes on a long adventure. Nothing out of the JRPG standard, right? But Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Not going to reinvent the genre. Instead, the work takes much of what’s already established and uses it in clever and interesting ways.

It’s that “more of the same” done perfectly.

Do you have a nervous anti-social personality? Yes.
Is the main character with a good heart who goes to the forest every day to collect firewood? Undoubtedly.
Is there a girl who is strong as hell but cares more about her friends than herself? Holy.
Got a group of villains who aren’t quite what they seem? Oops!

However, it is in dealing with these stereotypes that the Switch game excels.

For example, you are already dealing with the theme of death from the beginning. Noah and Mio are two extraordinary warriors who use musical instruments to help their dead colleagues leave the world. Also, soldiers live about 10 years. Fighting a war that never seems to end.

That is, there is a constant sadness in the first hours of the game, which gives a different feeling, especially for those who have played the three previous titles of the franchise. The Xenoblade Chronicles.

Noah, Mio and their friends (Image: Handout / Nintendo)
Noah, Mio and their friends (Image: Handout / Nintendo)

Take your hand, we’re going to Never-Neverland

Like the previous games, the world Xenoblade Chronicles 3 It is huge and full of dangers. Because of this, one of the features I like most about the series is exploration. I like to walk around every corner, meet enemies and discover secrets. It’s always nice to see a giant monster far above your team, but eventually you’ll be able to match it.

This development factor is always present in this adventure, both in terms of the level of the characters and their interactions.

Therefore, it is not wrong to point out that the universe (called Aionios) can be considered as a separate character. A type of Neverland with its flora and fauna, as well as secret paths that require the player’s attention.

Finally, I have to highlight the technical parts that are the real show. The gameplay is masterful, requiring you to press buttons at the right time with an excellent combat system. The look is another round of applause as it manages to use the Nintendo Switch hardware very well with beautiful scenery and almost no performance issues.

Now, if I didn’t mention the amazing soundtrack, I wouldn’t be leaving out the works of Yasunori Mitsuda, Manami Kiyota, ACE, Kenji Hiramatsu, and Mariam Abunasri. This is the kind of composition that would work really well in anyone’s record collection. Each song is enjoyable to listen to and worth listening to.

Combat in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Image: Handout / Nintendo)
Combat in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Image: Handout / Nintendo)

Back black

Back to the world The Xenoblade Chronicles There is always something delicious. Spending dozens of hours exploring, fighting, marveling at the story, and enjoying the scenery and music is very satisfying.

Living with the characters and learning more about their motivations also brings a similar feeling to returning home, as everything is familiar, but there can always be a surprise here and there. I’m not saying you have to play this journey, as it has layers that may not suit everyone, however, if you’ve never played any entry in the franchise, it’s a very interesting option.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Released on July 29, 2022 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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