Xbox: The console is getting 15 new games this week

The Xbox website recently announced the new games that will be added to Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC and Game Pass. In total, the list released by Microsoft includes 15 titles that will be released on the platforms between August 15 and August 19, from RPG games like “The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands” to sports games like “Madden NFL 23”. Check out the list below!

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  • Little League World Series BasebAll year 2022 (August 16)

Description of the game coming to Xbox: “Pick your team and show off your skills in a bracket competition to see if you have what it takes to be crowned the Little League Baseball World Series Champion. Or, jump right into the action with Quick Play mode. Plus, play with your friends for exciting local multiplayer tournaments for up to four players.”


  • Tribes of Midgard (August 16)

The description of the game coming to Xbox: “A co-op game with a unique blend of action, survival and roguelite elements. Defend your village from hordes of invaders such as Father Spirits and giant brutes who threaten every night to destroy the Yggdrasil Seed, the sacred tree you have sworn to protect. Only by protecting the seed can you and your tribe stop Ragnarok, the end of the world!”

  • Hunter’s Road (16 August)

Description of the game coming to Xbox: “Take on ethical hunting challenges backed by a compelling story, or just have fun freely exploring the rich environment in this authentic hunting experience that lets you explore and hunt in a large open world across the United States and Europe. Discover living animals in beautiful natural habitats and use a variety of detailed and highly realistic weapons.

Description of the game coming to Xbox: “Choose one of two heroes, or both if you prefer to play with a friend, while flying and throwing bombs in eight different, beautiful and colorful levels. Discover hidden secrets, buy weapons and upgrades to defeat the evil doctor. Brutus and his followers help Jack and Ella clean up their beautiful island in this platform adventure game.

  • Droid Trivia (August 17)

The description of the game comes to Xbox: “Challenge your friends or family to over 800 questions spread across 15 categories. Take on local multiplayer or play against the AI ​​as you can choose to play four or eight rounds (or just whatever you like): true or false, multiple choice, memory and image-based questions.

  • Robo Revenge Squad (August 17)

Game description coming to Xbox: “’Robo Revenge Squad’ is a cooperative action game for 1-4 players where everything is a gun. Battle alien robots using robots made from everyday objects: refrigerators, disco balls, baseball bats, and more!”

  • Smash Boats Waterlogged Edition (17th August)

Description of the game coming to Xbox: Smash Boats is an action title inspired by the golden age of arcade games, where players embark on a common quest to conquer every level and increase their ever-growing treasure chest of unlockables. Reaching the top may seem easy, but a sea of ​​enemies, strange May Day events, and environmental obstacles block your way.

Game description: “2D platformer/racing game with amazing colorful and beautiful pixel art. In the game, a virus has infected cyberspace, and now it’s up to you to initiate the Chameneon protocol. Check out the neon lines in cyberspace and defeat the virus before it’s too late. “

  • Cursed Golf (August 18)

Game Description: “A fresh take on the golf and cheat sub-genres. Make your way inside the Par Count hole or your curse at the start of the course will come back to haunt you! To add to the challenge, these courses not only have bunkers and hard spots, but are full of crazy obstacles like high powered fans, spikes, TNT boxes, teleporters and more.

  • The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands (August 18)

Game description: “A survival simulation game where you build, discover, create and survive. Build your settlement in a snowy camp and manage workers and resources to survive the nightly attacks of monsters. You’ll gradually gain access to advanced building and crafting options, deal with and trade with new civilizations, and discover the secrets of old ones.

  • Tilesweeper (August 18)

Description of the game coming to Xbox: “Inspired by the famous game ‘Minesweeper’, but with improved graphics and themed levels.” The game is currently only available as a single theme, Castle, with future themes available as DLC. Levels consist of 9×9, 16×16 and 30×16 grids, and arcade levels will be available in non-standard shapes and sizes.

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  • Tank arenas (August 19)

Game Description: “A fun and playful tank experience where you can exchange points to recruit friendly tanks to join the battle and improve your team. In each level, you’ll face off against opposing slot machines that emphasize movement and precision in finding cover, using radar, shooting and ricocheting projectiles, and more to score points and come out on top.”

  • Madden NFL 23 (August 19)

Game Description: “Make your way into the history books with Madden NFL 23.” Control your influence with every decision in completely new ways as you call the shots in Franchise mode with free agency updates and trade logic, leave a legacy in Face of the Franchise: The League, and build the strongest roster in all of Madden Ultimate Team. . Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members with EA Play and those who pre-ordered the All Madden Edition can start playing Madden NFL 23 on August 15th.

  • Rattyvity Lab (August 19)

Game description: “Sam is a laboratory rat who has been experimenting for a long time. As a result of these experiments, he gains electromagnetic power (accidentally) and can connect boxes together – now he’s going to use this power to gain his freedom and escape the lab in this puzzle platform adventure game.

  • A Tale of Paper: Refolded (August 19)

Game description: “A puzzle-platformer that tells the story of Line, a magical character made of paper who uses origami to change shape. Transforming into a frog, a rocket, a bird and more as Line embarks on an emotional journey to fulfill his creator’s dream.”

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