Xbox Store Leaks Skulls and Bones November Release Reveals Pre-Order Bonus

This is the second major release of Ubisoft, the date of which was leaked this week

Sunday has not been easy for Ubisoft: since the company itself leaked the release date Mario + Rabbis: Sparks of HopeNow the Xbox Store has revealed this in advance Skull and Bones comes to customers on November 8 this year. Although the game list was not public, the profile Lumia agironamenti Twitter had access to the latest updates to its database.

The leak comes just days after the game received official ratings in Brazil and the United States. Rumors point to this The title could be re-introduced to the public as early as next weekExplaining what has changed in its mechanics since its first introduction in 2017.

According to Aggironamenti Lumia, Skull and Bones will bring some pre-order bonuses And paid offers:

  • Bloody Bones Legacy Mission;
  • Ashen Corsair Mission;
  • Smuggling pass token;
  • Digital soundtrack and artbook;
  • Premium bonus package.

Skull and Bones promise to focus on multiplayer

Although it is inspired by the navigation mechanics that are highlighted Assassin’s Creed IV: Black FlagUbisoft’s new game should bring a Essentially multi-player experience. In it, players take on the role of a pirate commander, who must perform a number of missions and collect resources that will ensure the strengthening of his crew and the purchase of new ships.

While many missions may involve skirmishes with enemies that are only controlled by artificial intelligence, The game also promises to bring powerful PvP elements. Game ratings will be linked to the Infamy Meter, which is defined by the activities performed as well as the transactions made with different types of NPCs.

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Skull and Bones was originally announced as the title Pracha, Xbox One And PlayStation 4But Ubisoft seems to have sidelined the old consoles in favor PlayStation 5 This is Xbox Series X | S. So far the developer has not confirmed the date of the leak, but It should not take long It is time for him to make an official comment on the matter.


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