Xbox Series X|S and One: November update now available on Discord and more news

Microsoft claims that November update The Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One system software is available today, or rather it was released today, so it should arrive for all users in the next few hours.

This is an update that includes several innovations that have already been tested in recent weeks and months by users in the Insider program and in various more or less advanced circles, so some features are already known, but will now be available to all standard users.

There’s no exact download time, but it should be available to everyone on Microsoft’s various consoles at this point.

Among the main innovations New Discord integrationwhich greatly facilitates the use of the famous application for chats and communications, No Requires another smartphone to connect to the servers.

As we’ve seen over the past few weeks, Discord is now more directly integrated with Xbox: once your Discord and Xbox accounts are connected, you can join chat servers directly from the app’s dashboard screen, which can be easily called up. with the controller.

The chat takes place entirely through the console, without the additional step of connecting through a smartphone, as it was before. The update also brings noise suppression for Discord voice chats on Xbox Series X|S, as well as some interesting changes to the Store screen.

THE wish list Gets more dynamic features: it is possible to share some titles with other players, to give gifts or similar ideas, and the system will also send messages to the guide if Wishlist games are on sale, which is very useful information. .

The built-in recording app allows you to record and Better manage recorded video clips Directly from game sessions, while new power management options are also included for everyone, so an overhaul of two modes that allow you to completely turn off the console (to save power) or put it in “sleep”.

As for video streaming, there is now integration Deeper than Xbox with Twitch, Lightstream and Streamlabs Studio, with the ability to directly activate one of the options in the settings dedicated to recording and live broadcasting from the console. Finally, controller rumble has been introduced in beta on PC and Mac using Xbox Cloud Gaming, and some general revisions have been made to Xbox’s official support and general settings, which now show a few tiles with “recommendations” on how to set some in particular important element. and is required for consoles.


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