Xbox Series X will have a boot time of 5 seconds

Currently, the console boot time is 9 seconds

Microsoft is working to create it Xbox series x has Load time is just four seconds. The change leaves the console initializing much faster than before, when it took nine seconds.

The change has already been promised by Xbox director Josh Munsey. While he did confirm the Xbox Series X launch time, he didn’t reveal when it would be available for consoles.

“I can confirm. I’m working with Harrison Hoffman and Jake Rosenberg to create a shorter launch animation, about 4 seconds, from the original animation of about 9 seconds. This helps reduce the overall launch time.”posted on Twitter.

The good news is that owners of the Xbox series will also benefit from the boot time of the device. Josh Mensah himself confirmed that the most economical version of the console will also receive a change.

The expectation, according to Insider Idle Sloth, is that it reaches new generation consoles with the August update. Additionally, Xbox Insider members can now check out the new boot.

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The arrival of the new generation of consoles has already provided faster loading speeds and faster game playback compared to the previous generation. The acceleration is thanks to the use of SSD instead of traditional HDs. Still, reducing animation seems to be another way to make this process even faster, in addition to making games with better graphics.

The addition of SSD to Xbox Series X/S Consoles has made life easier for gamers who want more speed when using the device. This is because it already allows you to switch from one game to another before you have to close the previous one completely to prevent the video game from stuttering or minor crashes.

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