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The prices of consoles are getting higher and higher, so it is common for people to look to the secondary market to guarantee a video game at home. As such, platforms like OLX are on the rise and offer second-hand items at attractive prices. The latest highlight is Microsoft’s mighty Xbox Series X, which has been highly sought after by the network.

Xbox Series X (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

In the month of June, this market saw a 31% increase, which shows that the passion for games has not diminished, but has had to take an alternative route than buying everything new.

With OLX’s used video game sales data, it’s possible to see recent interest in the Xbox Series X. The system showed an increase in demand by 38% compared to the previous month. Thus, it is included in the site’s top 10 list. Interestingly, the Nintendo Wii is the console that has reached consumers’ homes the most, guaranteeing a 63% increase in sales. The PlayStation line comes in third place.

In the latest list published by OLX, the most requested and sold system is the Xbox One, followed by the Xbox 360. The first Sony name to appear is the PS4, in third place. The popular Nintendo Switch only reached the fourth position.

The Xbox Series X, with a new price of up to R$ 5,000, is in high demand in the pre-owned version. This is because the savings can reach 26%, with an average price of R$ 3542. The same difference can be seen on the PlayStation 5, which costs around R$3,614. However, Sony’s phone sales only grew by 16%.

Of course, the models differ in price, but the platform claims that savings can reach 48%.

Rating of used consoles in OLX

The site published lists of the most requested and sold devices. It is possible to notice the dominance of both Microsoft and Sony. Each of them is ranked by four systems. On the other hand, Nintendo only appears with Wii and Switch.

Check out the top 10:

in the ranking Most desirable Bestsellers
1st Xbox One Xbox One
2nd Xbox 360 Xbox 360
3rd PlayStation 4 PlayStation 4
4th Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch
5th Xbox Series S PlayStation 2
6th PlayStation 5 Xbox Series S
7th PlayStation 2 PlayStation 3
8th PlayStation 3 Nintendo Wii
9th Nintendo Wii PlayStation 5
I 10 Xbox Series X Xbox Series X

The data in this ranking represents the growth of searches on the platform, but does not reflect completed purchases.

device Increase in searches
Xbox Series X 38%
Nintendo Wii 36%
Xbox Series S 30%
PlayStation 2 28%
Xbox 360 25%
PlayStation 3 25%
Xbox One 24%
Nintendo Switch 23%
PlayStation 4 22%
PlayStation 5 22%

Below is the list of consoles that saw an increase in sales on OLX:

device sales growth
Nintendo Wii 63%
Xbox Series X 44%
Nintendo Switch 43%
Xbox Series S 37%
Xbox 360 32%
PlayStation 3 32%
Xbox One 29%
PlayStation 2 25%
PlayStation 4 18%
PlayStation 5 16%

Have you ever bought a used video game on trading platforms?

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