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Anyone who wants to get into the current generation of Microsoft consoles can buy it Xbox Series S at a much lower price. console On sale up to R$1,832.06For a limited time, an offer that combines the Fast Shop discount with Zoom cashback.

With the Xbox Series S, you can enjoy a Game Pass membership and play the latest top Xbox games like Hello infinite, force horizon 5, Gear box 5, Fortniteamong others.

Xbox Series S and controller in white (Image: Felipe Vinha/Tecnoblog)

O Xbox Series S It may seem weaker or not worth it to those who are looking for the most powerful video games on the market. Still, it’s not a device to throw away, especially if you want to keep accessing your current games, as it can run several titles at 120 fps and high resolutions like 1440p.

It should be remembered that while it has a lower configuration than the Xbox Series X, it is superior to the Xbox One as well as the PS4, Microsoft and Sony’s previous generation consoles. It even beats the Nintendo Switch, despite not having quite the same proposition.

Xbox Series S is used in this offer BRL 1,949.00 at Fast Shop With cash that’s already as low as R$2,799 at launch. The cat jumps Earn 6% cashback Which Zoom offers for purchases in the Fast Shop this Thursday (14): with this, the final cost drops BRL 1,832.06.

Do you have doubts? We explain how Zoom cashback works. Basically, you just need to log into your Zoom account and use the link above to complete your purchase on the Fast Shop website. The cashback is credited to your Zoom account within 35 working days and then you can use the amount as you wish by transferring it to your bank account via Pix.

TB Conclusions: Real Cursing of Bids, No Tails (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)
TB Conclusions: Real Cursing of Bids, No Tails (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)

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The Xbox Series S forgoes the disc input and plays any game just fine

A very important caveat for anyone looking to game or purchase an Xbox Series S is that it does not have a slot for physical discs. The console is only compatible with games sold and released in the digital store, Microsoft Store, which can be downloaded via the Internet.

For this, the device has an internal SSD 512 GB NVME, high speed. It’s also compatible with a Microsoft expansion cartridge for those who need more space. There is also the option of using HDD or external USB devices to store older generation games such as Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The Xbox Series X Dashboard needs to be improved (Image: Handout/Xbox)
You can usher in the next generation of Xbox with the Series S (Image: Handout/Microsoft)

Still on the technical side, the Xbox Series S has a custom Zen 2 processor with 8 cores, and the console’s GPU has 4 teraflops, versus the Xbox Series X’s 12.

As obvious as the difference is with the Series X, the Series S manages to run all current and classic titles with adequate performance, as we’ve already mentioned in our analysis. Some also get an improvement thanks to FPS Boost, Microsoft’s own technology.

The Xbox Series S is a really well-built device, and one that could be a cost-effective entry into the latest generation of consoles. Be sure to take advantage, at this price or at a lower price.

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