Xbox | Microsoft Rewards now allows redemption of Spotify and Americanas cards

Xbox users earn points by completing missions in the company’s loyalty program

THE Microsoft Added new options for redeeming points from the loyalty program Microsoft Rewardswhich was formerly called Xbox Rewards. Players can now redeem points for gift cards Spotify and also from

Spanning several areas and applications from Microsoft, the system is best known for offering points to users of the Xbox platform who complete missions in various games. O Xbox Game Pass It also offers exclusive missions that allow the user to accelerate the earning of these points.

Spotify and are arriving to add to the range of rewards offerings that already had several redemption options. The list of options includes Xbox Gift Card, Microsoft Gift Card, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, PC Game Pass, Skype, Roblox and League of Legends.

There is also the option of transferring points to institutions such as AbleGamers Brasil, UNICEF, Save the Children, among others. Points can be used on the official page of the loyalty program.

Spotify Premium Gift Card Redemption

  • 4100 Microsoft Rewards points: gift card R$ 17
  • 12,050 Microsoft Rewards Points: R$50 gift card
  • 24,150 Microsoft Rewards Points: R$100 gift card gift card redemption

  • 4850 Microsoft Rewards Points: R$ 20 gift card
  • 7250 Microsoft Rewards Points: Gift Card 30 R$
  • 24,150 Microsoft Rewards Points: R$100 gift card

After the new cards were added, the retailer’s website caught the attention of the gaming community out of curiosity. Buying the same amount of Xbox Credit directly from the Rewards website costs 10,300 points.

Did you like the new redemption options? Do you often do missions to earn Microsoft Rewards points?

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Source: Microsoft


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