Xbox may gain performance reduction mode to save power

A questionnaire sent out by Microsoft wants to know if its users are interested in this feature

While consoles and modern PCs share many aspects of their hardware architecture, desktop platforms still lack as many configuration resources. However, Microsoft wants to change that and already has Exploring ways to offer a system for Xbox that allows for reduced platform performance in order to save energy.

Although nothing concrete has been done so far, the company has already started Ask members of the Insider Program about their interest in such an option. According to Windows Central, the list of questions sent by the company includes areas in which each person can express their degree of concern about the environment and energy consumption.

As Microsoft pointed out, Such an option may limit the performance of games Also limit the use of energy resources. The Windows operating system provides a similar power management system that allows its users to limit resources to save on electricity bills.

Microsoft is concerned about the game’s impact

The main concern of the manufacturer at the moment seems to be related The possible gameplay impact such an option could bring on consoles. While the drop in detail or frame rate may be barely noticeable on the Series X, on Series S – or One models – it can become quite noticeable depending on the occasion.

To date, the ability to reduce the power consumption of the platform It remains something completely theoreticalAnd there are no indications that it will be used in practice. However, Microsoft’s experience shows that it has great concerns in this regard: in January, An update to your console made power saving mode the default option On all new units shipped to stores.

He owns an Xbox Known for constant adjustments to the table platform, in areas ranging from its core functionality to its interface. Currently the company Already working on a new version of the system for the consolewhich should start bringing fewer ads while further emphasizing Game Pass content.

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Phil Spencer promises 2023 will be a strong year for first-party games on Xbox
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