Xbox j has 23 exclusive games announced starting in 2022

Over the past few years, Microsoft has invested ridiculous amounts of money in acquiring game developers for its games division, which means it has become one of the biggest in the industry and now has the absurd potential to release huge, heavyweight exclusive games. , a factor that PlayStation gamers have always used as a differentiator.

So far, the company has announced a number of releases, some with dates and others “out of sight,” which may leave some fans confused. To keep things more organized, Klobrille, an Xbox and Bethesda enthusiast, decided to create a visual guide of everything that has already been announced in terms of launch predictions.

The list turned out to be so good that Xbox head of marketing Aaron Greenberg approved it.

So far, Xbox has 23 games announced for upcoming releases. Some will arrive in 2022, others in 2023. Most don’t have an announced release date yet. Klobrille’s list also includes Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo, Bethesda-produced games that are currently temporary PlayStation exclusives but should come to Xbox at some point.

In response to the list, Aaron Greenberg made a discovery that made gamers even more excited:

There are many more in development that are not listed.

In doing so, Greenberg reveals that the Redmond giant still has cards to reveal. See detailed list below:

Xbox first-party games for 2022

  • Dusk Falls | Interactive multiplayer drama
  • justified | Survival and adventure
  • Peniment | RPG

Xbox first-party games for 2023

  • Redfall | Action fps
  • Forza Motorsport | Simulation and racing
  • Starfield | A space fantasy RPG
  • Minecraft Legends | Action and strategy
  • No: The Untold Story | strategy

Xbox first party games dated

  • Deathloop (Xbox Version) | Action and adventure FPS
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo (Xbox Version) | Action and adventure FPS
  • recognized | Action RPG
  • Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II | Narrative adventure
  • Contraband | Open world action
  • Perfect Dark | Action fps
  • state of dissolution 3 | Survival and zombies
  • Everwild | Action and adventure
  • Outer Worlds 2 | A space RPG
  • Project Mara Experimental game
  • A parable A medieval fantasy RPG
  • Indiana Jones | Action and adventure
  • gearbox | Action and adventure TPS
  • Senior Scrolls VI | A medieval fantasy RPG
  • New game from Kojima Productions | Gender not announced

So which of these games are you most looking forward to?

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