Xbox: Gamers are frustrated and calling for an end to the golden life

Xbox fans are calling for an end to the Games With Gold program, a benefit that gives free games to Xbox Live Gold subscribers on a monthly basis.

Following the announcement of the list of free games in July, Twitter was flooded with complaints against the program, which is mainly due to the lack of free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Earlier in the week, the Xbox released the July list of games for the Gold Games, but many fans were still disappointed, especially considering that two games on the list had already been released for free and the other two were not that big. Relevant.

As expected, it did not take long for the complaints to start, and this was done in a post on Xbox Wire in its own announcement, with many calling for the termination of Games With Gold.

Please just stop the Gold Games program … or make it for at least $ 5.

Maybe it’s time to skip the Xbox Live Gold and just add money to the Game Pass. Combine what you would play in this four-month title and maybe just put one of the highest level game on Game Pass.

Brother, we had Torchlight in August 2019. Why give us repeat games that we already have.

PS Plus has bombastic free games. But the bad games of Games With Gold exhausted my energy.

The list of complaints goes on, but it is already clear that subscribers are not at all happy with the program and it seems that Microsoft has a job to do.

Live Gold’s main focus is to be a paid block for subscribers to access Xbox games online. Games With Gold is just an additional benefit of the service, which is used as a trick for subscribers. Live Gold was recently integrated into Game Pass Ultimate, allowing subscribers to subscribe to three services (Live Gold, Cloud Games and Game Pass) for the same price, but it seems that subscribers still do not find the service affordable enough. .

Does Microsoft handle complaints?

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