Xbox Game Studios announces the end of Bethesda’s Crunch Culture

According to Matt Booty, none of the company’s employees are required to complete overtime work projects.

A problem that affects the gaming industry as a whole is used to describe “crunch”. Periods marked by long periods of workOften without any additional payment. Second Matthew BoothHead Xbox Game StudiosWhen it has already happened Bethesda In the past, Currently, the company no longer uses the practice in any of the projects.

The statements were made by Butim at a meeting accompanied by Kotaku Allegations that Fallout 76 was created under abusive labor regime conditions. Interviews with former developers and current employees showed that the load has been reached 6 hours a day 6 days a week And that was especially hard on the testing department – and little has changed since Microsoft took over.

According to the boot, This last part is not true And he and his team at Xbox Game Studios are “confident” that the situation has changed. This was announced by the executive branch Bethesda and ZeniMax Media no longer use cramps as part of their normal processesAnd that this is a problem that has affected not only companies but the industry as a whole.

Booty says the industry is changing

Crunch culture is … if you go back 10 years, it’s a bit unfair to put it in one studio.”, Said Buti. “It was just part of the industry. To justify this I am not saying this, I am just saying that it was part of the culture of the industry. Early in my career I literally slept under my desk. We even treated him with respect“.

I know from talking to the Bethesda leadership that we do not have a situation where people fight and we have this atmosphere of bullying … I am sure of that.“, Continued the executive power. The head of Xbox Game Studios acknowledged this Developers can still work overtime, but this is no longer mandatory – and that they now have ways to report any kind of inappropriate pressure or harassment.

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There are ways for them to make reports that come to us anonymously that run through human resources. We must rely on these independent checking and balancing systems“Booty is graduating. While the situation at Bethesda has improved, Recent situations involving Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft show that switching to internal paths does not always lead to decisions. For problems that could cause developers to shut down and create accounts through alternative means.


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