Xbox Game Pass will generate $2.9 billion in 2021

The subscription service will be billed for consoles only

Documents filed by Microsoft regarding its acquisition of Activision Blizzard indicated that the company made more than $2.9 billion from Xbox Game Pass last year alone.. The value corresponds to an incredible R$ 15 billion, based on the current price.

The number becomes even more interesting and surprising when you consider that it is 2.9 billion USD Accepted via subscription service for consoles only. As such, it does not account for subscribers and funds collected by Microsoft through Xbox Game Pass for PC.

The values ​​were submitted by the company itself to the Administrative Council of Economic Defense (Cade) in Brazil. Last week, the Brazilian tax authority approved Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

Also according to the document submitted to Cade, the company has a market share ranging from 30% to 40%. For all the success of Xbox Game Pass for consoles, the numbers don’t match what Sony has achieved.

The report shows other subscription services

That’s because the company will have a slightly larger share than Microsoft’s subscription services. Figures presented by the company show that the competitor has 40% to 50% of the market. The amount raised during 2021, however, was not disclosed.

The filing also provided a market forecast for other companies that rely on subscription services. In addition to the services provided by Microsoft and Sony, it is also possible to observe how much Nintendo and Electronic Arts have in the market.

A Japanese company that has the Nintendo Switch as its flagship in the console world will have a 10% to 20% share of the entire market that subscribes to console services. Additionally, they have reportedly earned around $932 million from their plans. The cost is about 4.8 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, Electronic Arts was lagging behind the others. This is because the market margin they would have is around 0% to 10% unless represented by a Microsoft account. In terms of revenue, they would have collected $356 million in the same period.

Microsoft will reveal new games in Game Pass in the coming days

Microsoft will reveal new games in Game Pass in the coming days
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