Xbox Game Pass: A plan for friends and family appears in Colombia for less than R$ 60 per month

The new plan allows account sharing with up to 4 more family and friends

THE Microsoft Added pages Official Xbox site in Colombia and Ireland Announcing a new subscription plan Xbox GamePass friends and family. The new plan allows the subscriber to share Xbox Game Pass Ultimate With 4 other people, including friends and family, living in the same accommodation without a request. The new family plan is already being tested by program members in both countries. Xbox Insider.

In the trial period, now open to everyone, charged A monthly subscription to Game Pass Friends & Family in Colombia is 49,900 Colombian pesos (about R$59 in direct conversion), while The price in Ireland is €21.99 (about R$115 with direct conversion).

For the purpose of comparison, St Ireland O Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for sale 12.99 euros (about R$ 68) during the stay Colombia The value is 29,900 Colombian pesos (about R$ 35). Therefore, customers Ireland and gives Colombia Will pay 69% more in 5 person plan. If this plan arrives in Brazil and the percentage difference in cost between the plans is maintained, It can cost around R$76.

Users of the new plan will have access to all the benefits of members of the Ultimate plan, including Console, PC or Xbox via Cloud Gaming. Games in the catalog EA Play Also included for all members. All customers will be able to take advantage of the offers available in the store.

An important detail is that only the owner of the subscription will be able to share the benefits Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with other accounts on the same console.

Users of other plans can convert to Game Pass Friends & Family

In addition to new subscribers, the new plan is also available to customers who currently have other active subscriptions to their Microsoft account. The company published a table showing how long Game Pass Friends & Family Provided to the subscriber if he chooses to convert to the new plan, see below how much the conversion will cost every 30 days.

current subscription After conversion
30 days of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family 18 days
30 days of Xbox Game Pass Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family 12 days
30 days of PC Game Pass Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family 12 days
30 days of Xbox Live Gold Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family 12 days
30 days of EA Play 6 days of Xbox Game Pass friends and family

Last weekend, an image of the plan was leaked, indicating the ability to share the new subscription package with friends in addition to family members. It didn’t take long Microsoft Release pages with new plan descriptions, pricing, and FAQs.

THE Microsoft It has not been revealed whether other regions will receive the new plan, so Brazilians will continue to wait for new official information from the company about this plan, which will be very successful here if it is launched.

What do you think Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family? At what price do you believe the plan will be launched in Brazil? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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