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In the middle of a game the other day, a friend commented that the HOME button light on the controller during the night was very bright and annoying while he was playing. In this case, I commented that it was already possible to dim the control or even turn it off, which surprised him because he didn’t know.

In another comment on our social networks, a user questioned the fact that the console, even when turned off, continues to use power and wanted an update that would completely turn it off. The fact is that this function has existed for a long time and has been questioned; will be Gamers Do you know the Xbox features that help you in your daily life?

In this case, we’ll introduce you to some of the not-so-obvious features that exist on Xbox and will make your life easier, whether you’re looking for a game, configuring your console, or finding a gaming partner.

Group search

It’s a great way to find a company to gamble with Group search. This option is available on the tab people Main guide. In it you will find the option to search or create a post, and in the first tab you will see messages from other players who also played the last game you played. These posts show the group options, if it’s a co-op game, PVP, if they prefer more experienced players or newbies, you can choose if it’s adults only, if you need a microphone among other options.

To access this option:

  • Press the button at home from Xbox.
  • Go to tab people.
  • Select at the bottom Group search.

So you can easily find other gamers with the same taste.

Using this option you will also get to know clubs Which is also a way to find other players who have the same interest as you. Xbox features


There are three main ways to find it clubswith the help of Group searchAs seen above, but:

  • Press the button at home from Xbox.
  • Go to tab people.
  • Select at the bottom clubs.


Press the button menu on the game icon in your game gallery.

  • Select Game card.
  • Then select Go to the official club.

This will take you to the official club of the game, there you will find several options for interacting with other players, staying with posts in the channels tab, log in or create posts in the Search by Group, see your progress in the game. Here you can also follow players on your friends list who are also playing the same game, in addition to following screenshots and recorded clips of other players.


You’ve already spent a few minutes on it games and apps Or even on a list Game pass Looking for a game? With so much content on the console, it’s not hard for you to get lost looking for something specific. To avoid this, just press the button iOn the home screen itself, this will open a virtual keyboard and search box, so you can search for any content in the store much more easily. Xbox. In the upper left corner of this screen that opens, you have a filter that will further help you find the option you want. This filter also helps us find specific options parameters from the console.

Discord Voice on Xbox:

  • Press the button at home from Xbox.
  • Go to tab groups and chats.
  • Select at the bottom Discord Voice on Xbox.

A new window will open a Ქr code. Connect your console and your disagreement So your friends saw what game you were playing and decided to join. Aim your smartphone camera at the QR code and follow the on-screen instructions.

Last players

Found a great partner but forgot to add him after the match? This option shows the players who were with you in the last matches you played.

  • Press the button at home from Xbox.
  • Go to tab people.
  • Select at the bottom Played recently.

Friends playing

This option shows the friends on your list who are also playing the game you are currently playing.

  • Press the button at home Xbox.
  • Go to tab game activity.
  • Select at the bottom Friends playing.


This feature helps you stay up to date with everything that’s happening in your favorite games. It shows events that happen in games and beyond. For upcoming events, you can select the I’m INTERESTED option so you’ll be notified when the event starts.

  • Press the button at home Xbox.
  • Go to tab game activity.
  • Select at the bottom event.

Add a guest

Local Coop games are one of the passion of gamers, the famous game of thrones is super fun, be it in co-op, soccer, fighting or any game with local multiplayer. But what if your Player 2 doesn’t have an Xbox Live account? It’s easy, just add a guest account. To do this, simply:

  • Press the button at home Xbox.
  • Go to tab Profile and system.
  • Select add or switch.
  • Select at the bottom Add a guest.

This will temporarily double your score, creating #2, so just select it with the second controller.

Online status

It’s perfect for those who usually stream games, use Xbox to watch movies or series, and don’t want to be interrupted by notifications, or just don’t want to be disturbed while playing!

  • Press the button at home Xbox.
  • Go to tab Profile and system.
  • Select your profile.
  • At the bottom, select the status you want.

selection if you bother Removes any kind of message from the screen.

Chat management

If you’re one of those people who wants to control your chats, who comes in and who can participate, in addition to having audio privacy controls when needed, this is for you.

  • Press the button at home Xbox.

Bonus: Use the controller on XBOX and PC and activate screen saver

As a bonus to this article, let’s remember how you can use your controller to switch between XBOX and PC and enjoy the best of your platforms without having to sync every time. In addition, it is also worth remembering how you can set your XBOX to sleep mode and screen saver in a very simple way. For that just watch the video below.

So, did you like the tips? Tell us in the comments!

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