Xbox encouraged ‘console wars’ to increase competition, ex-executive says

According to Peter Moore, the intention was to create a competitive market environment between Microsoft and Sony.

Responsible for launching platforms with Dreamcast and Xbox 360, Peter Moore admitted that at the time of his command, Microsoft encouraged the so-called. In an interview with the Front Office Sports podcast, the former executive said that was his goal Encourage competition against Sony and its PlayStation 3.

We call for console wars, not to create division, but to challenge each otherMoore explained. “And when I say each other, I mean Microsoft and Sony“, he added. According to him, This kind of tactic helped the Xbox owner stay in the marketEnriches the game options available today.

If Microsoft hadn’t stopped the course after the Xbox, after the red rings of death, gaming would be a poorer place because of it, you wouldn’t have the competition we have today.Moore continued. “The Red Ring of Death” was a A common problem among early Xbox 360 unitswhich was caused by the console overheating, permanently damaging its internals – prompting Microsoft Create a replacement program and release a new version of the device with a revised circuit board.

Xbox almost ceased to exist

According to Moore, Microsoft’s decision is to bear the losses and replace all defective Xbox 360 units. It is necessary for the survival of the brand. During the podcast, the former company executive states that if he hadn’t done this, There will be a good chance that the console line will no longer exist.

In 2007, Moore was responsible for signing a letter committing the company Three-year video game warranty and get unlimited returns. The company has replaced about 3 million units of the device, with an estimated revenue of $1.15 billion.

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During his time at the helm of Xbox, Moore became particularly famous for his “tattoos” done while promoting the games.. In addition to using the resource as a path to announce Halo 2At E3 2006, he took off the suit jacket he was wearing and rolled up one of the sleeves to announce the release date. Grand Theft Auto IV.


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