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In order to reach a larger number of fans for its premium controllers, Microsoft has announced that it will launch the Elite Series 2 Core for Xbox One and Xbox Series. The accessory has interesting features such as button mapping and an adjustable thumb. Plus, it’s cheaper than the standard Elite version, even if that means offering a more limited number of features.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller (Image: Handout / Microsoft)

Designed for those looking for more competitive precision in their controls, the Elite series brings players several customization options. On the other hand, its price has always been a barrier for many users, with prices ranging from 1,500 to 2,500 rubles.

With this in mind, Microsoft decided to release a more affordable version as an accessory gateway. Thus, the company provides Xbox Elite Series 2 Core From September 21 for $129.99, about R$700 without tax.

The package includes the white version of the item, plus adjustable thumbsticks, trigger locks, button mapping via the Xbox Accessories app, a USB-C cable, and up to 40 hours of battery charging.

In comparison, the standard model of the Elite Series 2 comes in black and has the same features as the Core. It does, however, add a protective case, a charging dock, four extra thumbsticks, and an extra digital directional pad. It has a suggested retail price of US$179.99, up to R$940, excluding taxes.

It should be noted that none of these options are officially available in Brazil.

A comparison between the two levels of the Elite Series 2 (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)
A comparison between the two levels of the Elite Series 2 (Image: Disclosure / Microsoft)

Elite 2 Core can be upgraded to standard Elite

Even with its premium controller gateway offering, Microsoft is providing an upgrade of sorts for those who want to get the full experience after purchasing the more expensive Core version of the Elite.

The company will sell the kit with the rest of the parts, along with the body and additional directional pads. If a player feels they need something better than Core, they can purchase the full component pack for $59.99.

The market for premium controls is booming. For example, Sony announced the DualSense Edge for the PlayStation 5 in August. It also has button mapping, removable thumb buttons, back buttons for customization, and even its own interface.

Interested in Elite Series 2 Core? What do you think of the accessory?

With information from: Xbox Wire.

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