Xbox debuts Discord integration for all players

After months of testing, cross-platform connectivity has won a public launch

After spending some time in the Xbox Insider program, Microsoft’s desktop platforms have been integrated with Discord. Released this Tuesday (13) for all players. With this, those with a desktop console will be able to easily chat with other people using the app on both Xbox and PC (and vice versa).

To use the new feature, Interested players will need to manually link their Microsoft accounts to Communicator. In addition, you will need to depend on the Discord mobile application, which is responsible for the integration between the chat systems of the two platforms.

interested users Will also have to use the Xbox appwhich should be triggered every time a new connection is started. We promise that the integration will become more natural in the future.which allows software to communicate without so many prerequisites.

The integration focuses on Discord voice calls

At least there should be integration between Xbox and Discord in the first place Focus on making voice calls. Thus, those who want to check their private messages or follow threads on the platform will still have to Depending on the mobile app or its desktop version.

In its current version, integration too Allows you to see what your contacts are playing on the console, as well as the time they devote to each session. As Microsoft warns, which has already done some console integration with Discord Will have to go through the configuration step again To gain access to new communication features.

Microsoft is not the only one betting on expanding the integration of its platforms with the communicator – which, according to rumors, he received Purchase proposals By the owner of Xbox. in February of this yearSony has begun the first integration tests of its communication systems with DiscordWhich until now has been limited to those with a North American PSN account.

Gearbox will be closing its forums to focus on Discord interactions
The company has already shut down new contributions and plans to delete the entire history of its pages in August.


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