Xbox Dashboard: Gamers prefer different concepts from Microsoft

This Thursday, September 8, 2022, Xbox revealed the evolution of the home screen for our consoles. Currently in the testing phase, it is gradually rolling out to the Insiders community. Social networks quickly picked up on this issue and a lot of it Romantic notions began to flourish… to the point where people forget about the official plaque.

Here’s what the future home screen will look like for our Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles. We saw this easily in our feature article: this interface feels a bit “cluttered”, while the gaming community often calls for a cleaner experience.

Thus, the Internet and social networks posted concepts of avid gamers, showing that it would be possible to make the home screen more readable. However, Microsoft’s goal from the outset is to be commended, as it is to “listen and learn […] Better to keep it here [uma] Fast and familiar experience. “

Thus, Microsoft is not going to revolutionize menu navigation, as it could have happened when Kinect was released on Xbox 360, which forced an overhaul of the entire interface. Here it was more about evolution.

Below, see the screens that the public loves the most on social networks:

So basically it’s like voting on social media and mobilizing to demand that some concept become a reality and really be a part of our day in 2023 when we turn on the Xbox.

What were you thinking about?

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