Xbox confirms that its presentation tomorrow will be 95 minutes

We do not count any other event in 14

The presentation of Xbox and Bethesda at Summer Game Fest will take place tomorrow (which you can watch live with us) and The exhibition will have a long 95 minutesaccording to Aaron GreenbergXbox Marketing Manager. The presentation, which will be the largest in this period, will be held tomorrow (12) at 14:00.

Already existed Unofficial information The Xbox and Bethesda show is said to last about 90 minutes, but has now been confirmed by the Xbox itself. “As a team, we feel a huge responsibility to represent the incredible work of thousands of people who work hard to create these games for all of you. Enjoy, be kind and celebrate with us,” Greenberg said.

Then the head of Xbox marketing said: “Also, because people are asking, our show will last 95 minutes.” When he announced the event in April, Microsoft assured him that the presentation would feature “amazing titles from Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda and partners around the world.”

Let’s start betting on possible ads

Microsoft may have the cards at hand and it is not possible to understand that, so let’s talk about what is already known or what evidence suggests it might be real.

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Bethesda’s two major Xbox franchises, Starfield and Redfall, have been postponed until next year. We can expect the first gameplay to be revealed for both the titles as well as the (big) maybe dates or even the release window.

Jeff Grubb, a journalist and industry insider, claims to have received information from credible sources that the new Fable and Perfect Dark, developed by Playground Games and The Initiative, respectively, will not be part of the Xbox and Bethesda Expo Summer Game At the Fest.

However there is a chance to see a Goldeneye 007 ad. Several hints have appeared over the past year. Following the registration of the trademark, the game ban in Germany was lifted, leaking a list of achievements before appearing on the official Xbox website. Whether it’s an HD port or something more sophisticated, it’s hard to say, but the return of James Bond to the most cult game in the 007 series seems to be getting closer and closer.

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In addition, there are already proven titles, but we still do not know many things like Avowed and The Outer World (Obsidian), Forza Motorsport (10th turn), State of Decay 3 (Undead Labs) and Hellblade. 2 (Ninja Theory), this is the title that has had the most content so far.

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022: Join us LIVE!

Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022: Join us LIVE!
Let’s see together what surprises the Xbox and its various studios will bring


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