Xbox Cloud Gaming will get mouse and keyboard support and latency upgrades

The company promises a reduction of up to 72mm in the streaming delay

This Tuesday (21), Microsoft Released instructions for game platforms developers “Xfest for everyone” Gives Microsoft Game Dev. Some of these instructions apply Xbox Cloud Gaming, Brand cloud gaming service. The company promises that we will soon offer ways to reduce interruptions in shows and more game options via peripherals such as mouse and keyboard.

Focusing on game developers, the lecture was delivered Morgan Brown, An Xbox Game Streaming software engineer and available on YouTube, aims to provide guidance to developers on how to make games more suitable for streaming. This means, according to the brand, an improvement in the gameplay response.

Reduce latency

THE Microsoft Points to developers for new company APIs under development that it says will reduce overall latency Up to 72 ms. The so-called device “Live Shooting” And some stages of the transfer process, such as standby time, should be eliminated VSync For example, reproducing the characteristics of software hardware.

Compared to the existing system, Microsoft States that the delay may be exceeded 8-74 ms until 2-12 msIf developers get new opportunities. The instantaneous constraint, in this case, must be in terms of solution since “Live Shooting” Does not support a maximum of 1440p. Whatever the real problem because xCloud Runs games currently on 720p on mobile and 1080p on PC / web.

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Peripheral support

As for keyboard and mouse support, Morgan Brown Said developers can already start engaging in games that will be added to streaming as soon as possible Microsoft Complete your support build.

In another case, one of the heads Microsoft Flight Simulator That said, support could come this summer in the Northern Hemisphere, i.e. from late June to September. The news may soon be available to players as well.


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Source: Microsoft, The Verge


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