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O Xbox Cloud Gaming Has some issues on Linux that don’t exist on other platforms. One of the limitations is Poor graphics quality In all games, regardless of the user’s Internet speed. There is a reason for this bug, but it can be quickly fixed with a simple modification.

Xbox Cloud Gaming (Image: Disclosure/Microsoft)

on the subreddit Linux_GamingOS users started complaining that Xbox Cloud Gaming games ran with poor graphics. In theory, this shouldn’t happen because the platform only transfers game images. All processing is carried out on Microsoft’s own machines, on the company’s servers.

There is a reason for this limitation: Xbox Cloud Gaming does not support Linux, up to the moment. second Jordan CohenOne of the leaders of the xCloud project, the operating system fails to perform the service as well as possible. So when opened, the platform leaves the resolution and bitrate at the minimum value that works on any device.

Game running on Xbox Cloud Gaming on Linux (left) and Windows (right)
Game running on Xbox Cloud Gaming on Linux (left) and Windows (right) (Image: Reproduction/The Verge)

In a post on the subreddit Linux_GamingA Microsoft employee explained the following:

“Technically, Xbox Cloud Gaming doesn’t support Linux (today), so it’s coming back [a imagem] With a standard resolution and bitrate that we know will be safer and better for a much wider range of devices, especially older, less powerful devices.

For this, throttling the browser was easier to perform than suffocating resources, although technically it is not ideal.

That said, the team is working to improve support and accessibility across a wider range of devices and operating systems, and we absolutely want everyone, regardless of operating system, to have the best possible experience. We also consider changing the default [o serviço] Be smarter, but we have nothing to announce yet.

If and when we release these improvements, I’ll be happy to respond to this message again. “


Jordan Cohen, xCloud Project Lead.

How to improve Xbox Cloud Gaming graphics

Although there is no official solution from Microsoft yet, it is quite easy to improve the quality of Xbox Cloud Gaming games on Linux. It is only necessary “cheating” the platform. to make it think it’s running on Windows.

On Reddit, user Spiritual-Ad2806 Taught how to do this process. In short, just use the Edge browser with anything The extension can replace the user agent from the program. A user agent is nothing more than a line of code that is responsible for telling websites which browsers and operating systems are being used.

An example of this is the User-Agent Switcher and Manager extension. Once installed, simply configure Edge to tell the Xbox Cloud Gaming website that the browser is running on Windows and not Linux.

This process is not mandatory, but Image enhancement is importantEspecially in text-heavy games.

With information from: The Verge.

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