Xbox “Chromecast”? CEO posts photo Possible Game Pass Dongle | Xbox

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, posted a photo on his Twitter account in which users spotted a mysterious device that could be a Microsoft dongle via Xbox Game Pass on any TV or monitor. The development of such a device, codenamed “Keystone”, has already been confirmed by a company representative, and should work like a Chromecast, but transmit data from Xbox Cloud Gaming.

However, it is not known when the manufacturer plans to announce the model, let alone its release date. In addition to the image, an official Xbox Twitter post fueled the buzz, saying, “What did we say about putting old prototypes on your shelf, boss?”

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A mysterious device on an Xbox boss’s shelf could be a prototype dongle for playing Xbox Game Pass on TVs and monitors — Photo: Reproduction/Rafael Monteiro

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Phil Spencer’s post shows a photo in his office of a statue of Fallout series mascot Vault Boy in a message celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary and congratulating producer Bethesda Softworks. In no time, consumers noticed the rectangular device with the Xbox logo on the top shelf, and the response was even greater after the manufacturer’s official Twitter response.

It has become customary for the Xbox boss to carefully reveal the company’s upcoming products in his photos. The Xbox Series S was previously seen on its shelf ahead of its official announcement, and a Kojima Productions figure appeared on its shelf before announcing a partnership with designer Hideo Kojima and his studio.

In May of this year, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the existence of Project Keystone, a low-cost device that will connect to any TV and monitor to enable Xbox cloud gaming via Xbox Cloud Gaming. However, something unclear has forced the company to change direction and rethink its approach, according to a representative, which could mean it will still be a while before we officially hear about the dongle.

Microsoft recently partnered with TV maker Samsung to add an Xbox app to select native TV models to access Xbox Cloud Gaming games without the need for a console. The app can stream games in 1080p quality at a frame rate of 60 fps.

Xbox Cloud Gaming lets you play Xbox Game Pass games via the cloud over the Internet — Photo: Reproduction / Microsoft

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a cloud gaming service that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can use to play a variety of titles online without installing them. They can be played on PC through a browser, on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles, as well as on Android or iPhone (iOS) smartphones. Most devices require a joystick from Xbox, PlayStation (PS5 and PS4) or even third-party companies.

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