Xbox boss says exclusive games should become rarer in future

Phil Spencer also says he’s optimistic about Activision Blizzard’s acquisition being approved

In an interview published by Bloomberg on Wednesday (24), the head of the Xbox division, Phil SpencerHe said he believed it Exclusive games for a specific platform will become increasingly rare in the future. According to him, solutions like crossplay will be increasingly profitable for users and developers who bet on them.

For Spencer, it’s a natural trend in the industry Take a more inclusive stance, which doesn’t make users feel limited by their platforms of choice. “You might buy an Xbox at your house, I might buy a PlayStation, and our kids want to play together and they can’t because we bought the wrong piece of plastic to plug into the TV.“, explained the executivewhich refers to current market conditions.

In this sense, the head of Xbox claims that Fewer exclusives may be good for the market in the long run. He says that while there may be criticism in the more immediate term, he believes the industry will realize over time that It can continue to grow regardless.

Spencer is confident about buying Activision Blizzard

During the interview, Spencer was also asked about her Final Prospects for Activision Blizzard Acquisition. Among the elements of the acquisition that raised questions was the possible exclusivity of the Call of Duty series, which Microsoft has already confirmed that this will not happenAt least in the near future.

The executive said he was pleased with the progress the company was making, but that I don’t know how sure you are about completing the procedures. “I’ve never done a $70 billion deal, so I don’t know what my confidence is…but I will say that the discussions we’ve had look positive.“, he said.

Last Monday (22), Saudi Arabia became the first country to approve the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, without showing any objection to the continuation of negotiations. It is assumed that the regulatory bodies of the USA and Great Britain will officially announce the progress of the negotiations before the beginning of September.

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Source: Bloomberg


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