Xbox boss Phil Spencer sees future potential in using NFTs in games

The executive says Microsoft isn’t ruling out new technologies, but plans to treat them with due caution.

In an interview conducted by Bloomberg, Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox department, said believes in the future potential of NFT technology related to the gaming world. However, he believes that it is necessary to carefully deal with new opportunities, to avoid their abuse.

I think sometimes it’s a case of the hammer looking for the nail when these technologies come along. But actual human use, or player use in our case, of these technologies I think could lead to some interesting things.Spencer said. Despite this, The Xbox boss did not share what opportunities his company might explore in the future.

Microsoft became famous took a strong stand against the use of NFTs and developing projects related to its games. Minecraft, one of the most popular games in the world, has decided that it will not allow a community-created project to use any resources related to the sale of NFTs or the use of blockchain technology.

Phil Spencer comments on the format to win the game

During the interview, Spencer also said that he has Particular attention to the type of mechanics that has become known as “game to earn”, or play to win. The executive said that such schemes are not new to the gaming world, especially when you consider the “gold farms” associated with MMORPGs.

According to him, the fact that such solutions are being implemented within the framework of the games is starting This is something we have to be very careful about.. “It creates a workforce for certain players to monetize. To be fair to us in the games industry, this has been around for years and years.He explained.

For the Xbox boss, this whole mechanic is based on having players with more money, Pay others to spend time on repetitive tasks that they don’t want to do it. In the same interview, Spencer explained that Microsoft decided to invest more in Activision Blizzard Opportunities in the mobile world than its intellectual property for consoles — click here to view in detail.

Microsoft has no plans to raise the price of the Xbox Series X and S

Microsoft has no plans to raise the price of the Xbox Series X and S
The company has publicly confirmed that it will not follow the path taken by Sony.


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