Xbox & Bethesda Showcase breaks its own record and surpasses the Playstation in terms of views

Microsoft has reached out and broken its own record, and here we have the most-watched Xbox show to date, with nearly five million views – a reminder that the event has been running for two days. That number exceeds the latest state of the Playstation by a little over three million views.

To achieve this, Microsoft has used good strategies such as Bethesda and its Starfield – Fallout and Skyrim have a large legion of fans. In addition, a strong partnership with Riot Games (League of Legends, Valorant, etc.) or with Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 further strengthened the show. Not to mention a fan base with Minecraft Legends. Naraka Blade point, for example, is a game that has always been in the top 10 most played games on Steam and will come to the Xbox Game Pass this year!

Last year the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase had 2.2 million views on YouTube, and this year they doubled it! Very high growth! Three videos have been added to the content on the Xbox official channel: the main one with 3.5 million views, 601 thousand views for people with hearing problems and 310 thousand views for the second channel for people with visual problems. In addition, the official Bethesda channel (526 thousand views) and The Game Awards channel (439 thousand views) are counted.

Check out the comparison below:

  • Game Status (Playstation) – 3.2 million views
  • Summer Game Festival – 1.7 million views
  • Xbox & Bethesda Showcase – 4.93 million views
  • Capcom Showcase – 179 thousand views

The main star was undoubtedly Starfield, whose presentation lasted more than 15 minutes, and this managed to get most of the controversy on the Internet – talk bad or good, but he is the main topic.

In addition, we saw Rick and Morty play, Silksong, Kojima created the supposedly Xbox-exclusive game of Terror (Overdose?), Redfall gameplay by the famous Arkane, Groudend’s full history with a date, Pentiment by Obsidian (no Make a mistake, this game promises!), Part of the personal saga on the Xbox Game Pass, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty also on the Game Pass (from the creators of Nio and Bloodborne), A Plague Tale: Requiem gameplay (Game Pass this year! ) And graphics. And Forza Motorspot’s absurd damage system.


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