WoW, Overwatch, and Diablo will no longer work in China starting in 2023

The NetEase president claims the situation is the fault of an “idiot” who hacked Blizzard

Some of the most popular games in the PC world in China, World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Starcraft, Warcraft III: Reforged and Heroes of the Storm will stop working in the country From January 2023. The situation is the result of a severed relationship between Blizzard and publisher NetEase, which will prevent the game’s licenses from being renewed in the country.

The only game from the developer that should continue operating in the region is Diablo Immortal, which was Created in partnership between companies🇧🇷 In a press release, Blizzard said it will stop selling new content in the coming days and should release more details about its game shutdown soon.

According to NetEase President Simon Zhu, The inability to renew the contract with Blizzard is due to the actions of a highly influential “idiot”. About games. In a message posted on LinkedIn, he stated that one day, “Developers and players will get a whole new level of how much damage one idiot can do🇧🇷

Blizzard needs a new partner to return to China

Although there is a possibility that Blizzard games will return to the Chinese market, The process for this to happen should not be so easy🇧🇷 Local authorities require foreign companies to work with local partners in China and in all operations must go through an evaluation and approval process by regulatory authorities.

in the last years, The country has significantly reduced the number of new permits it grants, as well as taking measures to limit the influence of games on young people. According to NetEase CEO William Ding, The company tried to negotiate with Activision Blizzard to continue his representative, but was “Material differences in key terms” which prevented the transaction from taking place.

🇧🇷We are honored to have had the privilege of serving our players for the past 14 years and shared many precious moments with them during that time.Ding said. Relations between the two companies have been strained for several months.As a result, the new Warcraft MMO that was being developed for Android and iOS was canceled.

The RoadMap for World of Warcraft's new Dragonflight expansion has been released

The RoadMap for World of Warcraft’s new Dragonflight expansion has been released
A preview patch starting on October 25th will bring some new features from the upcoming expansion.


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