Worldslayer: Outriders DLC gets a new trailer and promises updates

Square Enix will bring more news about the expansion this Friday (10)

Designed as a way Expand the Outriders story and bring new life to the gameDLC The killer of the universe Won an unprecedented trailer at the time Summer Game Festival 2022. For about 2 minutes, he showed reviews of what players expect: More enemies, equipment, levels to study and much more.

The material also highlights Outriders are unique elements, Which combines a tactical combat system with classes that have various special powers. With a variety of equipment (which enhances the unique capabilities of each character), The game brings a collaborative experience that is different from other games in the genre.

Posted by Video Square Enix And for People can fly Also show the new environment and enemies that the player will encounter in Worldslayer. ᲘCeans are contained A giant creature that inhabits frozen cavesA mysterious figure wearing a sort of raincoat that throws individuals as an attack and EreshkigalThe main opponent of expansion.

The DLC will receive the news this Friday

As previously promised by the developers, DLC promises to further expand the power of your characters. He will do this by offering two new ways of evolution for each of them, which promise further study Native forces of the planet Enoch – which will allow exploring new regions in the base game.

Wordslayer also promises Substantially expand the latest Outriders gameOffers 200 levels in a new challenge Taria Gratar’s trial And new upgrade levels. Square Enix will hold this Friday (10th) a The newscast, which is scheduled to begin at 3:45 p.m. On their official Twitch channel.

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The company promises that transmission as well Explain the changes to Outriders gameplay in detail And how new enemies that arrive with DLC will work. Wordslayer is now available for pre-order in digital stores and coming Pracha, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S And Google Stadia On June 30th.


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