World of Warcraft: Dragonflight launches pre-orders and promises to be released in 2022

The extension comes in three versions and promises to upgrade the MMO experience

Officially revealed by Blizzard in April this year, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Launched this Tuesday (21) by her Official pre-sale period. In addition, the developer has provided the following major MMORPG extension Will arrive in 2022However, the exact date of this is still unknown.

For Brazilian society, The company will offer three different editions of the gameEverything in digital format. The most basic version costs Rs 169.00 And grants access to both new MMO content, including Drachthyr race and Drakks free animal pre-order. Already The Epic version, the most complete available, promises access to transmigrations and an extra 30 days of play.

WoW Editions: Dragonflight

  • Basic Edition – BRL 169: Access to expansion, Dracthyr Caster racing / class and Drakks Pet as a pre-order gift;
  • Heroic Edition – 249 R $: Full Base Edition content, up to 60 levels of character upgrades, Tangled Dreamweaver flying clamp and Murxstrasza pet;
  • Epic Edition – BRL 319: All Heroic Edition Content, Time Walker’s Return Stone Effect, Head Transmogrification Spellkeeper’s Diadem, Back Transmogrification Wings of Awakening in 5 Colors, 30 Game Days.

Blizzard promises the game until December 31st

One of the interesting aspects of Dragonflight pre-sales is the fact that it shows that One of the main news of the expansion will not be available when it launches. New race Dractor, Which accompanies the class exclusively with its characteristics, will Offered by the company only later (Which was not disclosed).

The prediction that the expansion will come out by the end of the year surprised many fans.Accustomed to rhythm Blizzard Slow Releases. So far, the company has not done any closed testing with the World of Warcraft expansion, though it has revealed that Content will hit stores only after the release of the novel, which tells the story of the events before its conspiracy.

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Dragonflight has a difficult mission Get back fans who were disappointed with Shadowlands content and script. To accomplish this, Blizzard promises to bring us back to the basics of the Azeroth world, as well as an updated and more accessible interface to today’s industry standards.


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