World of Warcraft: Dragonflight begins its alpha this Thursday (14)

Players can now access new locations and check out the unprecedented racing of the expansion

Blizzard officially launched this Thursday (14). Dragonflight’s first alpha testing phaseThe next major update World of Warcraft. Players granted invitations can now Explore the new Azure Span area, experience the new Dractyr Evoker class/race and check the class adjustments made by the developer.

While Azure Span isn’t the only new area of ​​expansion that covers the whole Dragon IslandsPlayers should spend a lot of time exploring the location. According to Blizzard, The new region is based in the redwood forests of California and offers the largest exploratory area ever seen in the history of MMOs.Formed with several elevation changes.

during alpha, The only Dractyr class available will be summoners, but the company is already looking into offering new options in the future. The testing phase will also allow for initial testing Changes made to Death Knights, Druids, Hunters, Priests, and Rogueswhich will yield new talent trees.

Alpha brings new professions and crafting stations

Blizzard also promises that those who already have access to World of Warcraft: Dragonflight You can check the changes in alchemy professionals and blacksmiths, as well as using crafting stations for new game items. to participate in the tests You must have the Launcher installed on your machine and select Alpha Among the available versions of the MMO.

By launching a new extension, The game developer plans to resume exploring new regions of Azeroth and bring epic stories back to the community. Announced in April of this year, the expansion is undergoing a faster development cycle than previous releases and It should be released in stores in 2022.

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there are many Result Proleriat Studio’s latest acquisitionfamous Battle Royale Spellbreakwhich has already been working with MMO since mid-2021. World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is now available Advance sale with digital editions whose prices vary BRL 169 and BRL 319 For Brazilian customers.


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Source: GameSpot, Blizzard


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