Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be soul-like, focused on Chinese martial arts

The game will take place in the historical period of China, depicting the conflicts of the three kingdoms

Team Ninja, the creators of the more or less soul-like Nioh, are working on a new IP in the same direction. Wo Long: The Fallen Dynasty was unveiled at the Xbox Showcase as part of the Summer Game Fest and only the trailer has already given us what we can expect from Nioh. This was stated by the producers in an interview Game DNA is a soul-like blend with the Three Kingdoms period, specializing in Koei Tecmo.

Just for context, Koei Tecmo, who owns Team Ninja, has been the developer of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms franchise for many years. The original story comes from a book published in the 14th century and depicts the historical period of China, which occurred from 169 to 280 years.

From the Japanese Sengoku period to the Three Kingdoms of China

“While the Three Kingdoms period is a symbol for Koei Tecmo, Team Ninja himself has never touched it before. Combining Team Ninja’s actions with Koei Tecmo’s most popular parameter, it can be said that Wo Long shares the DNA of both, but Koei “Tecmo has never created a ‘dark fantasy’ version of the three kingdoms,” said producer Masaaki Yamagiva.

Wo Long is the producer’s first job at Team Ninja since leaving Sony’s Japan Studio (working on Bloodborne) last year. “It’s been a year since I started working here. Team Ninja is a studio that is highly dedicated to action. It is a team focused on creating good games,” says the producer.

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Wo Long: Production on the Fallen Dynasty began in 2019. “At the time, we were looking for a context that could be developed as a continuation of Nioh. We’ve already played a few games that were during the Japanese Sengoku period, so we wanted it to be then. “We had the idea for the game to take place in China during the Three Kingdoms period,” said Fumihiko Yasuda, one of the game’s producers.

Yasuda says he has always been interested in this historical period of China, as well as being a fan of works depicting the period of the Three Kingdoms. In this context, with the experience of Koei Tecmo, Team Ninja has interestingly discovered the challenge of creating a game in this era.

While the period of conflict between the three kingdoms of China occurred in the first century, the period of the Japanese sengoku depicted in Nio and several other games (e.g., Onimusha and Sekiro) occurred between the 15th and 16th centuries.

Yasuda and Yamagiva worked together on the development of Nioh, which was originally PS4 exclusive, and they bring the experience gained from this production to Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Already in Nioh 2 Yasuda was a director and producer and now in Team Ninja’s new game both share the role of game producer.

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They say that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be even faster than Nioh and will be able to “jump and jump on the enemy”. However, the producers guarantee that the new game will be on earth and will not have such beautiful maneuvers that man can not do. Chinese martial arts moves will be a key point in the Wo Long battle.

Although presented by Xbox, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty coming next year on PC, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5 and PS4But on Microsoft platforms, the game switches to Game Pass as soon as it launches.


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Source: IGN


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