Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty isn’t hard to pick; Team Ninja says it’s not an easy game

In an interview with MP1st, the producer Wo Long: A Fallen DynastyMasaaki Yamagiwa explained why the game doesn’t have a difficulty selection, saying that it won’t be an easy game.

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Many fans of MP1st: Souls-like experiences like them for their high difficulty – they love the challenge and satisfaction we get from beating a difficult level or boss. But there are also players who are interested in playing the game but feel that these games are too difficult. Are there things the team is looking at that don’t necessarily make the game easier, but more accessible? For example, how FromSoftware approached Elden Ring – it’s a very difficult game, but they added new mechanics like summoning spirit helpers that made it more “accessible” to new players.

Yamagiwa-san: We think it’s “nice” to set the difficulty so that everyone has the same experience of overcoming a very strong obstacle and everyone has a sense of accomplishment like I did. But the caveat is giving players all different ways to do it. So you can talk to your friends and say “Hey, I beat this boss and that’s it,” you want to talk to people and go online because you really want to interact with them. It is very important to keep the challenge consistent and give players different ways to overcome it. Wo Long is by no means an easy game, but we work hard to give players as much freedom as they want to play it the way they want, overcoming obstacles in their own way. One thing that comes to mind is the morale system. You have a morale level and as it goes up you get stronger and you can use that to choose which enemy to fight or increase it to face a tougher enemy and maybe they’ll be a bit easier now that you’re stronger. You can also level up your character like a traditional action RPG and get stronger that way. There’s also multiplayer, so you can go online with your friends, two other people, up to three online, and then take on the bosses as a group. We really give players their own ways to deal with all of this, which is very important to Wo Long’s game design.

Wo Long: A Fallen Dynasty Coming in 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam, Microsoft Store).

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