With Starfield and Redfall Delays, First-Party Programming on Xbox Game Pass May Be Crowded

Something is wrong with Redmond as it turns out to be a potentially empty year in terms of first-party games two years after the release of the Xbox Series X | S, strong after 2021. Clearly, we understand all the soothing circumstances of the case, which are many and very valid: the Covid pandemic, the raw material and semiconductor crises, even the Ukraine war (which still has a strong effect. Europe), but with all this in mind, it is strange to note how the Xbox Game Pass continues to hide its domestic products, even after a good time. Period in 2021. Especially considering that the massive size achieved by Xbox Game Studios and the number of ongoing teams and projects have now been achieved.

Also in this regard, the delay imposed by Starfield and Redfall is particularly severe: the relative scarcity of games. The first party The Xbox may well be offset by the release of two Bethesda titles, especially the first, which seems to be an event-game of immense importance. We are talking about the giant that contains 24 Development Team (Including Bethesda), who is also preparing to join the giant Activision Blizzard (If the FTC does not intervene), how is it possible that you are in this situation?

The timing of the latest acquisitions, of course, was not in his favor: he bought Bethesda when he had already signed Exclusivity with SonyTurns out to be an awkward situation with the release of its first games as the Xbox One first exclusively on PS5 and PS4.

Similarly, Obsidian, InXile, and Double Fine came out of high-demand products at the time of their launch at Xbox Game Studios, or were close to releasing already announced games. As a result, Microsoft’s new course has introduced some complete reboots for many developers who have found themselves starting from scratch with new projects in recent years. With that in mind, around 2018 there might have been time for some specific bids, given that the competition seems to have been able to launch even more challenging projects in a shorter time frame and under the same difficult conditions. Sure, Microsoft is going to create a welcoming and absolutely anti-work environment, but that should not interfere with a more logical organization of work.

However, is it too early to judge, as the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022 conference on June 12 shows the pace changing in that direction? We hope that in the end there are really a lot of projects that we know absolutely nothing about and that may come out of nowhere in the coming months.

With Redfall and Starfield in 2023, we can have a game agglomeration because, at least according to rumors, a lot of titles have to be announced for the next one. Now we have nothing else to do but wait for the conference at 12 p.m.

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