With no Xbox, TikTokers dominate BGS

BGS (Brasil Game Show) 2022 ends this Wednesday (12) after six consecutive days, the biggest in Latin America. With more than 3,000 influencers confirmed, the first in-person edition since the Covid-19 pandemic was marked by being more of a “Brazilian influencer show” than ever before.

This migration of focus was felt by the public, the influencers themselves, and the report. Passing by the stands, whether it was for peripherals, TVs, consoles or streaming brands, as was the case with TikTok and Twitch spaces, it was clear that the larger buzz included interest in the people who were in attendance. BGS, and not so much about what will be available to play.

Nothing to play with, interest is something else

When BGS announced its return to face-to-face, fans expected to find at least three traditional big brands: PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox. Microsoft’s refusal to bring a booth to BGS surprised many.

At the time, netizens publicly shared their frustration with the lack of Xbox.

With that said, with no Xbox and only PlayStation and Nintendo filling the space for the big brands, one of the biggest attractions at BGS in terms of gaming wasn’t even on the stands.

Street Fighter 6, released in 2023 by Capcom for next-gen consoles, Xbox One, PS4 and PC, took a small booth compared to its competitors. Even with the ability to pre-launch the game, there were no grandiose lines around the space on any of the BGS days.

On the other hand, did you know that you were close to the booths of TikTok, Twitch or any brand that was going to be influenced by the crowd that formed around the stages.

Leticia Marquez, PlayStation ambassador in Brazil, was pleased with the attention received from the community during BGS, but was disappointed by the lack of games to test. “While we’re influencers, we’re also consumers, and we worry and worry about future releases,” he said.

“We haven’t had that in almost anything this year, except for Street Fighter 6, and I was hoping as a viewer to have more access to game releases and previews.”

Luis Felipe, a 19-year-old student who was in the third edition of BGS, was amazed at the number of influencers this year. “I thought it was weird because, at the end of the day, it’s a gaming event, right? And three, four years ago, people would make fun of each other if you said you came to YouTube to take a picture. Not now, it’s a lot. More influential than a game or news.”

When asked if she had taken a photo with anyone, she commented that she only asked for the photo for the streamer and would rather use the opportunity to check out the brands’ products than chase “famous people”.

There is no traffic from today

Although the presence of influential people became much more evident in the 2022 edition, it should be remembered that BGS has been betting on big names in the gaming world for several years now.

Diana Zambrozuski, a streamer with over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, remembers when YouTubers first started attending BGS, specifically Cellbit’s 2014 event. market.

Since the age of YouTubers began, this game-influencer balance has already shaken up BGS. I remember when Cellbit went and gave a reason, but before that it was very niche, I only went to see YouTubers who really followed people on the Internet,” recalls Diana.

What has changed since then is that the democratization of content production has gained momentum with the advent of other live streaming platforms (such as TikTok). This tipped the scales even further towards the influencers who completely dominated BGS this year.

“I hope events value influencers more and more because they change people. Often a fan would rather watch their favorite streamer than play the game themselves. And I see myself as an influencer more and more. The community is going to meet us because We are a part of their lives in life and on social media,” he concluded.

It was natural for Leticia Marquez to draw public attention to influencers. “On the one hand, it was great because it gave us the opportunity to get closer to our audience, hear their feedback and know if they enjoy our content.

And will the Xbox return?

It’s hard to say. Faced with more than two years of challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic, Microsoft is increasingly investing in live streams focused on its audience to announce new games and updates.

While the company participated in online editions of E3 (International Game Show) in 2020 and 2021 and Summer Gamer Fest this year, the absence of BGS has fans worried about the brand’s possible return to in-person events.

At the moment, there is no confirmation of an Xbox presence at the 2023 edition of E3, which will be held in Los Angeles, nor at the next Brazilian game show.

wanted to slopeBGS Advice did not comment on whether there are no major launches this year, or whether the organization plans to continue investing in large influencer spaces in future editions.

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