With an unprecedented demo on Steam, ZERO Sievert will be BGS 2022 – Cities

Modern Wolf and CABO Studio announced today that the highly anticipated ZERO Sievert will be released into Early Access on November 22nd on Steam. An indie game made by just one developer has scored the milestone of surpassing 100k wishlists and taking the second most downloaded game post during the Steam Survival Fest last August.

Photo: Modern Wolf

Today’s announcement also opens the door to ZERO Sievert for all players with a new demo available as part of Steam Next Fest, which starts today (October 3rd). Finally, you can also taste the authentic post-apocalyptic experience of ZERO Sievert from October 6th to 12th during the Brazilian Game Show 2022.

In the latest ZERO Sievert demo, players explore the harsh environment of this post-apocalyptic world in a new biome, the “Industrial Zone,” with new missions. Search for new items, eliminate threats and, most importantly, escape the hidden secrets of the desert. Download the ZERO Siever demo now here link.

In CABO Studio’s first game, players will explore five biomes and their procedurally generated maps in an early access release on Steam starting November 22nd – challenging players to try to survive before they can in the great dangers of a devastated world.

The ZERO Sievert demo is available during and after Steam Next Fest, October 3-17.

When all the odds are against you, it will take more than survival.

For more information on the modern wolf, visit official page and continue Twitter and Facebook.

About ModernWolf

Modern Wolf is a publisher of different and excellent strategy games founded in 2019 by Fernando Rizzo. Based in London, Modern Wolf’s portfolio includes Ostranauts, Rogue State Revolution, Necronator: Dead Wrong and more.

About CABO Studio

CABO Studio was founded by Luca in Italy in 2020. Currently working on its first name, ZERO Sievert, it aims to create a top-down PvE shooter that combines fast and intense gameplay with an exciting environment and atmosphere.


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