With $18 billion in revenue, Dungeon Fighter, the highest grossing game of all time, just keeps getting better and better ⋆

Although never a big success here in the West, dungeon fighter online is a real phenomenon in certain regions and is considered the most profitable game. Therefore, when the title receives some good news, millions of players are very excited. Yes, this week saw the release of a great expansion pack for the game, and everything seems to indicate that fans will have serious reasons to focus even more on the activities… Let’s take a look at the highlights of the update shall we?

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Courtesy of the trailer (which you can see below this post) etc Special pageA Nexon focused on the new expansion pack released for Dungeon Fighter Online. Dubbed “The Next Journey,” the material will arrive in parts, and some major changes have already been made. For starters, the level cap has increased (from level 100 to level 110). In addition, the game has received new cities (hubs), new instances and a completely updated version of the dungeon system, not to mention that players will have access to new challenges, as additional difficulty levels have also become available.

It should be noted that Nexon has also added a few new game modes, noting that there are many “hidden features” which means that fans of the game will have to explore the game to find some of the good ones. news. Finally, we had new equipment, new features, new systems and much more. Undoubtedly, this expansion pack will take a long time to analyze. So, if you want to stay on top of all the details, I recommend checking it out Update your notes. Otherwise, you just have to enjoy the game.

Dungeon & Fighter is one of Nexon’s most popular franchises, as the PC version has 850 million registered users worldwide, with cumulative revenue of $18 billion since its release in August 2005. Available in the West as well as through Steam, the title is interesting. It does not have a large number of active players. But where does all this success come from? The Nexon game is reportedly particularly popular in China. In 2014, the game registered more than 5 million players connected simultaneously in the Asian country.

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