Windows 11 promises 5 changes to make life easier for gamers

Microsoft has announced that it is developing new features that will enhance your gaming experience on Windows 11. In total, five upgrades are expected for the operating system.

Check out what’s new:

1. Automatic HDR

Microsoft is testing the app to improve the color accuracy of window games. In HDR games with extremely light or dark colors, it will be possible to adjust the slider to the user’s taste to get the best gaming experience.

2. Variable update frequency

Still in games running in window mode, another promising feature is the variable refresh rate (VRR). With it you can customize the game frame rate to match the refresh rate of your monitor screen. This avoids the effect of shrinking the screen when the game shows a higher refresh rate than the monitor can.

3. App to calibrate the effect on images

Microsoft’s operating system will also get a new feature that will allow players to improve color accuracy, effects and game consistency on HDR screens. The app will have three standards, one for determining the darkest visible detail, one for the brightest visible detail, and the other for how bright the screen might be.

4. The strip is adapted for control

Windows 11 will have a new strip adapted for system-paired control. By clicking the Xbox button on the controller, you will have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, in addition to viewing a list of the latest games. This saves the user from using the keyboard or mouse.

5. Game Pass widget for Windows

The system should also get an updated Game Pass widget, which will make it easier for players to browse and discover new games. In addition, the widget will allow users to return to recently played games.

In addition to Windows 11, the Microsoft Edge browser, in the desktop version, will also be improved, such as the homepage of new personalized games, a menu for accessing popular and free games; In addition to efficiency mode, to improve game performance.

Microsoft did not disclose when it intends to make all of these innovations available and limited itself to saying they will arrive “soon.”

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