Windows 11 is already used by 25% of Steam users.

Nvidia and Intel are the favorite manufacturers of gamers

The numbers provided by Steam showed that Windows 11 is one of the operating systems most used by gamers on the platform.. About 25% of Valve game library users are using the latest version of Windows.

That number made Windows 11 the second favorite among Steam users, at least in September. In the last month, it has fallen behind only Windows 10, which easily emerges as the most used operating system by gamers in Valve’s game library.

At around 71%, the previous version of Windows is still the most used. However, it lost 0.72% compared to the previous month, while Windows 11 increased by 1.05%. These numbers may indicate a change in the trend of the operating system used by gamers.

“Steam conducts a monthly survey to discover the components (hardware) and applications (software) most used by our users. Participation in the survey is voluntary and anonymous. The data collected helps us decide which technologies to invest in and which products to offer. .” – highlighted the platform.

Nvidia leads the way in GPUs

The numbers presented by Steam also show a strong preference among the platform’s users for Nvidia video cards. Of the 15 most used, the first 14 are GeForce from several different models. The only one responsible for breaking the company’s hegemony is AMD with Radeon Graphics.

Showing a big trend from the community, about 76% of the platform’s users have Nvidia as their video card. AMD is in second place with 14% of users. In the end, Intel comes up with only 8%. It should be noted here that these are not the company’s new GPUs, but chips with integrated graphics.

Intel is the favorite in processors

If it is not too high when it comes to video cards, Intel does not repeat the low performance when it comes to choosing a processor for gamers. Steam’s numbers show that 68% of users use it.. The number is more than double the 31% using AMD.

The producer advantage didn’t just happen in the month of September, and the leader also increased in August, July, June and May – the period limit represented by Steam.

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