Windows 11 build 25201: What’s new for the Game Pass widget

The update allows users to access the PC version of the service through an Xbox login

Microsoft made Windows Insider program available last Wednesday (14). Windows 11 build 25201. Those who have chosen the program’s Dev channel can download an update that brings bug fixes, support An expanded view of the widget panel and improvements to the Game Pass widget.

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The previous version introduced the Game Pass widget for Windows 11 users. now, Subscribers will be able to access the PC version of the service through their Xbox profile. For those already signed in to the Xbox PC app, the new version of the widget will use the same login information.

A new Game Pass widget displays more content available on the PC version of the subscription service. In addition, the player will have access to the recently played games through the widget, which will facilitate the start of matches.

Extension of the widget panel and other innovations

Also the new Windows 11 build 25201 includes an expanded view of the widgets panel. with update The panel can be expanded to occupy almost the entire desktop. This way, users will have access to more widgets at the same time.

The search engine in Explorer has also been updated. 25201 as of construction, it Displays results by user type. The results page is updated automatically, making the search process easier for the user. Microsoft has also been working on fixing several bugs in Windows 11. Below you can find a list of the main bugs that have been fixed.:

  • Fix errors when running certain games;
  • Fixed a bug that caused a memory leak when closing the File Explorer window.
  • Fixed crashes in Settings app;
  • A bug that prevents connecting to a Wi-Fi network has been fixed;
  • Fixed a bug that showed Windows Sandbox on a black screen.

At the moment, the news of the update is only available to a limited number of participants in the Windows Insider program, and only later should come to all users.

The Windows 11 update finally fixes a major flaw discovered in 2020

The Windows 11 update finally fixes a major flaw discovered in 2020
Microsoft’s first reaction to the issue was to downplay its impact and claim that it would not be fixed.


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