Windows 11 build 25174 introduces a new Game Pass widget

It also contains several bug fixes.

Microsoft announced today on the Windows Blog that Windows Insider program participants who participated in the distribution channel dev You can download now Windows 11 build 25174 Through Windows Update. In addition to bug fixes, the main novelty of this build is the new Game Pass widget.

The new Game Pass widget is available as a preview and basically allows PC Game Pass subscribers to quickly access their game library, check out games recently added to the service, games that will be removed soon, and featured games.

If the user clicks on the game highlighted in the widget, they will be taken to the Xbox app and proceed to install the game. He will also be able to check the analysis and other information. In the future, Microsoft plans to update the Game Pass widget so that users can sign in with their Xbox profile to see personalized game recommendations and more.

A Game Pass widget that displays games
Added to PC Game Pass

If the widget does not appear after the 25174 update, users can open the Widgets panel and click the “+” icon next to their profile picture as shown in the image below. Then just find the Game Pass widget in the list and click the “+” icon next to it to add it to the widgets panel.

Windows 11 build 25174 introduces a new Game Pass widget
Reproduction / Fabio Rosolen

Another not-so-exciting new feature in Windows 11 Insider build 25174 includes File Explorer and is only available to those with tab support enabled. According to Microsoft, it is now possible to middle-click the navigation bar to open a new tab.

The list of bugs fixed in Windows 11 Build 25174 includes one that causes certain applications to malfunction when the Core Isolation security feature is enabled, causing the process to crash. explorer.exe When the user opens new File Explorer windows, which causes some areas of File Explorer to be displayed in light mode when dark mode is enabled.

Among the known issues, the list includes those that cause frame rate (fps) drops in certain games with more than one GPU (for example, integrated and dedicated) because the system incorrectly selects the lowest performing GPU, causing crashes in games that use Simple anti-fraud (PC errors can also happen) and what causes the sound to work properly after updating to the latest version. The full list of bugs and known issues in Windows 11 Build 25174 can be found here.


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