Will ‘Stray’, ‘Cat’s Game’ Get a Game Boy Version?

By the end of 2022, we can say that the world games It had a lot of added value as there were many launches that won hearts Gamers And among these huge games there was one that managed to get a lot of attention: a game called “a tramp” or, still unofficially, “cat game”.

It has won the hearts of many people as the game takes place in a scenario Cyberpunk, that is, super modern, in which the player controls a cat that needs to go through various obstacles. Anyway, it’s quite an adventure, because we don’t always get the chance to see the cat as the main character. gameThis is not?

The game in question, which the public fell in love with, had a special encounter with Nintendo’s platform. And this fact happened through a YouTube channel called “64 Bit”, which shared a video with its audience in which game “Stray” gets a version on the famous console called Game boy🇧🇷

Currently the game is only available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. However, for those who don’t give up on the game on Nintendo’s platform, the video was satisfying and very cute, which made fans and admirers of the game go crazy.

The video in question featured the cat’s “wandering” journey, but also featured other characters such as the Zurks, the robots of the underground city, and the cat’s friend, the droid B/12. So even if you haven’t seen the video yet, you already have a basic idea of ​​what to expect.

This, of course, through imagination, that is, how game May remain limited in quality graphics and sound reality. The YouTube channel “64 Bit” currently has almost 300,000 subscribers, and its popularity is guaranteed by the videos in which it adapts stories. games For a limited graphics world.

Check out the video below, made available by YouTube channel “64bit”:

Narrative Presented by “The Tramp”

The story found in “The Tramp”, game Released on July 19 this year, it focuses on a very cute kitten who currently lives in the alleys.

However, he is completely determined to find his family, and it will be the player’s mission to help him in this process. Thus, the two of them will face many dangers as new robotic creatures break out in the city.

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