will he lose Considered the cheapest in Brazil, this Gamer Notebook is even cheaper on Amazon ⋆

I want to buy one Gaming notebook Effective for both gaming and work, but on a tight budget these days? As you already know, Amazon is having a sale this week of the customer. The promotion, which runs until this Friday (16th), brings its outstanding offers with a great IdeaPad Gaming 3i Notebook dedicated card. This is the cheapest gaming notebook in Brazil, and for a limited time, the machine is even cheaper on Amazon. In the next few days, you can buy the notebook, in its last units, at a discount of 1 thousand rubles. will he lose

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IdeaPad Gaming 3i made by giant Lenovo offers you Best cost benefit A market design that combines a design that, despite having an all-blue finish and a modern-style lid, is still very minimalistic, discreet and compact, even with a 15.6-inch panel. It is also worth noting that its construction has been strategically implemented to obtain optimized ventilation, created by a cooling system consisting of 2 coolers and 4 air outlets. The notebook still has a Illuminated keyboard cWith a blue LED and an excellent tactile response that provides comfort and a good level of productivity in dark environments. It also has a hotkey to boost performance and fps in games with just one click. the screen is Full HD WVA and provides excellent viewing angles with sharp, vivid color images. Unfortunately, it has an image refresh rate of only 60 Hz, which in theory does not interfere, but may not appeal to the most demanding gamers.

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This model has a balanced configuration and outperforms several other competing notebooks, even in this price range, largely due to its outstanding entry-level graphics chipset. (GTX 1650) with 4 GB video memory, which allows you to run games with good performance, as well as heavier editing programs, including the most popular for architecture professionals. The device is also equipped with a 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor, which is optimized for performance, 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of SSD storagewhich is responsible for the experience The car is super fast, which will turn it on in a few seconds. In other words, it is one of the most efficient gamer notebooks on the market. If you want a gaming notebook dedicated to games and heavier tasks, this could be a great opportunity for you to buy a machine that meets your needs.

What games does the Ideapad Gaming 3i run?

Ideapad Gaming 3i notebook equipped with GTX 1650 allows you to run graphics quality games at medium/high quality with good performance like Fortnite (60 fps high), Counter Strike GO (80 fps high), Call of Duty Warzone ( 45 fps average ), Battlefield V (60fps on high), in addition to the most competitive games like Valorant (120fps on high), among others. In other words, we have a machine that is sure to please the customer who is looking for both a professional option and a cheap slot machine option with the best costs on the market. However, it is worth noting that this model is the cheapest, because it comes with a factory-installed Linux operating system, which reduces costs by about 500 reals. Therefore, for the best experience, it is necessary to upgrade to Windows 11 operating system. Switching the operating system is easy after the tutorials on Youtube. However, specialized professionals can make the exchange around R$ 50 reais or less.

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