Wild Hearts is a new monster hunting game from the EA Originals label

Developed by Omega Force, the game promises plenty of action and a variety of tools

Electronic Arts released this Wednesday (28). The first official trailer for Wild HeartsNew ring action game EA Originals. The title will be developed in partnership Omega PowerA Japanese studio known for such works as the TV series Dynasty Warriors (from Koei Tecmo) and by Persona 5 Strikersamong many others.

Following in the tradition of series like Capcom’s Monster Hunter, The new game pits the player against huge creatures in a variety of environments. One of the differences in the game will be the available technological tools, which lead to the use of various accessories, as well as the modification of the weapons used.

The reveal trailer shows that among the equipment that players will be able to use are Pumps and hinges that work automatically. Omega Force promises that the game can be played both individually and cooperatively in multiplayer with several friends.

Wild Hearts will bring crossplay across platforms

According to a press release sent out by Electronic Arts, The game will allow up to three people playing on any platform to team up with each other. The title has confirmed versions PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PrachaWhere it will be available through stores origin, Steam and Epic Games Store.

Wild Hearts tells a never-before-seen story in medieval Hinomoto, a place where many people lived. The beasts that evolved with nature began to collapse. This is the main character, the master of the ancient art “Karakur”, Hunt monsters and restore the former life of the region Known as “Azuma no Kuni”.

The EA Originals program allows independent developers to tap into the global resources of Electronic Arts Create high quality games and good marketing and distribution strategies. Wild Hearts hits stores on February 17, 2023 and has ambitions to repeat the same success story as other games with the ring, e.g. It takes two and Knockout City.

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