Wild Hearts has released a “Karakuri” feature that allows for a variety of game mechanics

Game world technology adds dynamism to the game

Originally titled “EA’s Monster Hunter,” Wild Hearts gets a new trailer. World-class game technology, Karakuri, which provides dynamic game mechanicswhich go beyond traditional hand-to-hand combat.

The Wild Hearts trailers revealed so far show a game with gameplay very similar to the Capcom franchise, focusing on facing giant monsters, either alone or in a team, using several different weapons.

But Karakur should be what sets him apart well from Monster Hunter. The new trailer shows that this technology offers tools ranging from escape, attack, defense, to fast movement on a motorcycle inside a big wheel.

In seconds it is possible to build a wooden wall to defend yourself, a large hammer to attack the enemy, to set traps, slide wind typhoons and more.

“Karakur can take many forms, from tools to weapons. With them you can set traps, defend yourself, or deal heavy damage to powerful Kemono. But you can also use them for support. Some of the most constructive uses for karakuri are resource gathering, training, and agile movement,” he describes. on the game’s Steam page.

“Master ancient technologies to hunt gigantic beasts. Wild Hearts innovates the hunting genre with ancient technologies that make it possible to fight against terrifying beasts transformed by the brutal force of nature. Take on these creatures alone or hunt them down with friends in co-op mode. .”

Wild Hearts has the EA Originals seal

The game was developed by the studio responsible for the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Omega Force, in partnership with Electronic Arts as part of its EA Originals program, which has produced titles such as GOTY 2021 It Takes Two, the Unravel franchise and A Way Out. .

The developers also revealed that more of the game will be shown on December 8 as part of The Game Awards. Wild Hearts launches on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on February 16.

Wild Hearts: Check out 7 minutes of gameplay from the EA action game

Wild Hearts: Check out 7 minutes of gameplay from the EA action game
EA Originals seal game is inspired by games like Monster Hunter


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