Wii Sports, GB Micro, Elden Ring and Reggie Fils-Aimé deliver the floor

With decisions ranging from personal tastes to decisions that can determine a company’s future, the behind the scenes of the video game industry usually keeps its secrets that are kept locked. Therefore, when an executive like Reggie Phils-Aime decides to reveal a little about what he knows, a lot of interesting information may appear.

Wii Sports Helps Sell Many Consoles (Credit: Playback / Wallpaper Cave)

With the book Game Breakdown: From the Bronx to Nintendo Peaks After reaching the shelves, those who had the opportunity to read it were delighted with the stories told by the former president of Nintendo America. Among them the press featured Phil-Aime’s efforts to Wii Sports All units of the company’s old console were offered.

While gaming with consoles and handheld devices sold by him has been a practice introduced by Nintendo since the time of the NES, the proposal was not well received by two very important figures in the company: CEO Satoru Iwata and game designer Shigeru Miyamoto.

According to Reggie Fils-Aimé, during the meeting to determine what the Wii launch would be, Iwata said that “Nintendo will not release valuable content for free.” For the deceased executive, they work hard to create a unique experience and are “unique software that motivates users to buy the hardware they produce”, which aims to sell such games for a long time. That’s why the CEO decided not to include it in the Wii Sports console packaging.

The person in charge of Nintendo of America then claimed that the Wii brought a very different concept focused on gameplay and since the company’s goal for this device was to reach a much larger consumer market, nothing could be better than enjoying a game. Cover boy. Phils-Aime even used the company’s past and told the boss that when he bought his Super Nintendo, he got a copy. Super Mario World.

Be that as it may, the debate on the topic lasted for several months, after which he managed to “double” Mr. Iwata, Regginator still needed to convince the company’s game development manager, Shigeru Miyamoto. During a meeting in Kyoto in 2006, the legendary game designer was initially complacent and said he understood Fils-Aimé’s desire to bring a strong title to the Wii launch, but offered to sell another game with the console. This was a preliminary version Wii Play.

Console that all volumes liked (Credit: Reproduction / Sarg. Lorie Jewel / Wikimedia Commons)

However, for the president of NoA, the game was more like a collection of mini-games and not the most complete experience. Wii Sports Provided. It was at that moment that Reggie decided to play big. He suggested that Wii Play be offered with Wii Remote, which could boost accessory sales. Even with the support of the company’s vice president, Mike Fukuda, the idea was not very popular.

“No one understands the challenges of creating games that people love to play,” said Miyamoto, who no longer had the typical smile on his face. “This is what we are constantly trying to do. We will not give up our games. “

But fortunately for Phil Aime and Fukuda, sir. Iwata was already leaning towards the couple. For him, the executives were trying to solve a problem that did not exist in Japan, a market that was very different from the market they knew and which was fixing the excellent performance of the Xbox 360. In a few more rounds of negotiations, Nintendo’s top echelon gave in, but Wii Sports The rest are sold separately in Japan.

The result of this clash? Because copies available on the console in the West would be considered for sale, Wii Sports Became the best-selling Wii title, with 82.9 million copies. Given that the entire video game reached an installed base of just over 102 million units, that was a pretty good performance.

Imagine playing with it (Credit: Reproduction / Wikimedia Commons)

Another disagreement that Reggie Fils-Aimé had with the Japanese was during the release of Game Boy Micro. When the Nintendo DS was already in stores and interest in the Boy Advance game was declining, Nintendo of America’s then Vice President of Sales and Marketing began planning to close the GBA line. The idea was to use Black Friday 2005 to clear stocks, but the intention on the other side of the planet was quite different.

Seeing the potential to explore the DS’s predecessor, the Japanese announced Game Boy Micro, which never made much sense to Fils-Aimé. To a very small extent, the notebook was the opposite of a concept that was getting stronger and stronger at a time when there were bigger screens.

Even when it was thought that the Game Boy Micro would be a distraction for the market and the issue had to be considered in advance, Fils-Aimé was forced to release a video game. Less than two million units were sold at the end of that year, and the case was used as a lesson: the leaders of the two countries needed a better channel of communication between them and since taking office as president of the United States. The division started holding weekly meetings back in 2005 to discuss important issues.

“As soon as we started [esses encontros]”Everyone saw the benefits,” said Reggie Phils-Aime. “Complaints have stopped, information sharing has accelerated, and we have seen immediate benefits in the pace of our initiatives.”

Reggie Phils-Aime

Elden’s ring? My body is not ready! (Credit: Playing / Flickr / GDC)

But if Game Breakdown: From the Bronx to Nintendo Peaks Mainly related to working in a Japanese company, the launch of the book allowed the executive to talk about what he has been playing lately and is among the chosen titles Elden’s ring.

While admitting he was not too interested in Souls-style games and did not complete FromSoftware’s latest creation campaign, Fils-Aimé said he enjoyed the experience and learned from it. He says games like this contradict what he values ​​most in the media because he loves to win and not to defeat his character. For example he cited Zelda Legend: Wild BreathA title that ended and he even died only a few times before he saw an increase in credits.

And like many of us, it was indie games that sparked the greatest interest in Reggie Fils-Aimé. “I think indie society is taking a lot more risks,” he argued. “They are the ones who go a little more aggressively beyond the borders. I like it. I like this sense of innovation and where it comes from. “

Source: Nintendo Life, Video Game Chronicle and Mashable

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