Why was the PlayStation 1 so successful? “Demo One” may be the answer

Launched in 1994, the PlayStation became an instant hit in the gaming industry and marked the beginning of Sony’s long and enduring journey into the market. If you bought a console unit during this time in the 90s, there’s a good chance you’ve come across the “Demo One”.


For those who don’t know, “Demo One” was the disc that brought several game demos and introduced news to the industry. The games in the collection featured the 3D graphics of the PS1 and would be a transition from the 2D that Sega and Nintendo had previously established. This technology revolutionized the world of video games forever.

“Demo One”. Credits: Internet Archive

“Demo One” has received many variations over the time, depending on the release in different countries. Copies varied by region, with specific versions for Asia, Europe, and America. Over the years, the feature has been updated several times by Sony, both in the opening sequences inside the console and the external aesthetics of the disc – you can find different colored versions.

Amidst sci-fi aesthetics and 90s startups, a selection of demos was available via the games list. Among the titles were “WipEout”, “Descent”, “Die Hard Trilogy”, “Actua Golf”, “Formula 1” and “Tekken 2”, in addition to other games that may appear in other versions.

During the “Demo One” era, there were also technical demos, technical demonstrations on the PS1. Perhaps the most famous is the T-Rex, where it was possible to control the dinosaur and examine the technological developments that were taking place at the time. The figure became so popular that it became a PlayStation Stars collectible figure – T-Rex was also one of the creators of “Astro’s Playroom”.

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Many people’s introduction to the world of gaming and the modern world of 3D, “Demo One” marked the generation that was starting to make major technological developments in the field of consoles. The original PlayStation demo loadout certainly brings an air of nostalgia and lingers in the memory of many gamers.

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