Who is Osmund Sadler, the big villain of Resident Evil 4?

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Osmund Sadler drops his ankle in Resident Evil 4. The game puts the player in the role of Leon Kennedy, an agent responsible for rescuing Ashley Graham, the daughter of the President of the United States, from her kidnappers, who are an organization based in a small town in Spain.

Arriving in the village, Leon finds that its inhabitants are hostile, want to kill him, and initially have no allies there. Subsequently, the hero discovers that the villagers known as “Ganades” are infected with parasites known as “Las Plaga”.

Las Plaga, who is also infected and one of the main enemies of the game, was discovered underground in Salazar’s castle. They are injected as eggs and once hatched, they take over the nervous system of the bearer and control all of its actions.

As the story progresses, the player discovers that the resident or village leader is not responsible for the kidnapping. Everyone is controlled and the leader of the “Los Illuminados” cult is Osmund Sadler.

Lord Sadler is a big name for kidnapping the president’s daughter and controlling the natives. With a noble variation of the parasite in his body, Sadler is able to control all other plague carriers, making him the ruler of the place.

In a meeting with Lord Sadler, the sect leader reveals his plan and the reason for kidnapping young Ashley. The strategy is to infect him with a parasite, survive him and use it to infect the President of America. If all went well, the villain would control the leader of the world’s greatest power.

Ashley isn’t the only one infected, Leon is infected too, and hence one of the goals of the game is to find a cure for the infection and prevent the game’s villain from taking over.

Resident Evil 4, one of the greatest classics in gaming history, is getting a remake that will be released on March 24th. Capcom promises to keep the same atmosphere as the game released in 2005, but with improved graphics and gameplay.

All the characters, including Ashley and Lord Sadler, should get a visual overhaul, but retain some awesome elements. In the case of the villain, the purple outfit should be preserved in the remake of the game.

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