Which wheel is better? See a graphical comparison of Portal on Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch

Two games of the mobile franchise for Switch were released this week

The game Portal They were finally released Nintendo Switch By collection Mobile Companion Collection Which brings the released titles of the series Pracha And channel ElAnalistaDeBits Made a comparison of the new version with the version Pracha Running Steam deck And a new version Nintendo Switch. The advantage mentioned in comparison is the ability to play on both platforms. Using a gyroscope for targeting.

At Nintendo SwitchThe game works:

Portable mode:

  • Resolution: 720p
  • Frame rate 60fps

Dock mode:

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Frame rate 60fps

While being Steam deck, Portal Reaches:

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Portable mode:

  • Resolution: 800p
  • Frame rate 60fps

TV mode:

  • Resolution: 1440p (Ultra)

Frame rate 60fps

Check out the comparison below.

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But already? Some great games already have a release date for the new PS Plus

In the published video, the analyst reported that he could not find differences in the textures and geometry of the platforms, but in terms of shadows the Nintendo Switch has a lower number and intensity, he also found that boot times Nintendo Switch Is only 2 seconds longer than the previous one Steam deck Which uses a repository NVMe SSD.

Version Switch Has some stability problems, Portal 2 Running is more stable than Portal 1, Which has several crashes, antialiasing is disabled in port mode. The field of view chosen for Nintendo console versions was 75 Portal 1 And 90 for Portal 2. At Steam deck Despite reaching 1440p screen connectivity, the 4K game has a few crashes and is not an option.

And it did not take long Moderator team to run Half-Life 2 At Switch Using files Mobile Companion CollectionCheck out the details by clicking here.

What did you think of the comparison? Are you planning to play mobile on either of these two platforms? Share your opinion in the comments!

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Via: El Analista De Bits / YouTube


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