What you need to know about Dashon Watson lawsuit

Buzzby denied this argument.


The woman, who did not complain to Watson, told The Times that she started having sex with him during all three massages.

Most of the incidents are said to have taken place in Texas, but according to complaints, two occurred in Georgia, from where Watson, and in California and Arizona, during a visit there. All lawsuits were filed in Harry County, Texas, because that is where Watson lives and works.

The league launched an investigation into Watson’s behavior in March 2021. In a letter to Buzzby, Lisa Freel, the league’s special adviser on the investigation, called for co-operation with the prosecution. A league spokesman said the issue is being considered in connection with the NFL’s personal conduct policy. This policy governs pitch behavior involving players and coaches.

Texas CEO Cal McNair wrote to season ticket holders in April that the organization had taken the allegations “very seriously” and would cooperate fully with Houston police and the NFL investigation.

“While we wait for this investigation to be completed, we will express our firm stand against any form of sexual violence,” McNair said.

Hardin said Watson is cooperating with all investigations.

Nike suspended its contract with Watson in April last year after two defendants made public statements about their allegations.

“We are deeply concerned about the allegations and have stopped Dashon Watson. “We will continue to closely monitor the situation,” the company said in a statement.

Many of his other sponsorships, which included the Rolex and Texas business, have expired.

Tony Busby is a Houston plaintiffs lawyer who has worked in personal injury cases for years, but is perhaps best known for his involvement in mass crime and class cases, including lawsuits after Hurricane Ike and BP oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. A decade ago. She did not appear to represent many women in sexual assault cases.

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